Gentle Giant

July 29th


Elephants are good luck, especially those with their trunks turned upward. Not surprisingly, they are among some of my favorite animals. Along with Brezos (zebras) and giraffes, the trifecta of African animals is so bizarre and beautiful.



Embellished baby clothing is an easy way to share my love of these gentle giants with new petites. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how thrift stores are a brilliant resource for projects of all sorts. Following Goodwill on Twitter, I’ve learned a bit about repurposing. Not to mention Soulemama’s latest book — at the top of my to-read list.

Baby Elephant Gift

Repurposing, embellishing, being creative — they seem to be en vogue now more than ever. The downsides to a slowing economy are much simpler to discuss. Yet the silver-linings are pushing neighbors into community gardens, getting folks to cancel TV and pick up books, having families return to the dinner table for conversation rather than another drive through run, encouraging friends to share coupons and deals, and challenging us to be better versions of ourselves.

This weekend I’m having friends over to learn how to make preserves. We’re desert fruit gathering and canning. We’ll eat lunch, listen to music and gather together to learn a skill my grandmother once learned on a depression-era suffering farm.

I’m not happy that there are so many folks struggling to make ends meet. There are more hungry people now than ever before in my life, so it seems. But I am happy that it seems we are eating less, sharing more and learning with each breath.

Tell me that’s not a world in which you want to welcome an elephant-onsie wearing baby?


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8 Responses

  1. I like the elephant onesie. I’m sure the little-big-boy will too. I went to Fancy Tiger the other day. Figures I need some out-of-towner to point out the good spots for cloth, crafts (ha-ha-ha). I restrained myself to purchasing a yard of a really neat tulip print in green, brown, blue and some solids. I have not yet been to Denver Fabrics but it is on my list. Thanks!

  2. I WISH I could learn to can. I’ve been saving up my jars… even tried freezer jam. (But as of yet it’s still in the freezer because I’m afraid to taste it.) Do you see a theme here… a lot of FEAR. I need to get over myself.

  3. Oh! Have fun canning preserves this weekend! I think I’m going to do the first round of tomato canning since, YIKES, I’ve already taken down 12 lbs of tomatoes and I didn’t even put a dent in those plants. Good times!

    And I will say, frankly, I’m relieved at the changes people are making. Our neighbors are getting closer, we’re all eating healthier from each other’s backyard gardens and it’s a way less stressful lifestyle.

    I may still be blissed out from listening to the crickets while reading my book last night, but still, I am happier and more peaceful now.

  4. What a cute little onesie, I love it Kelli! Super cute.

  5. Cute onesie. Loving your crafty (yet frugal!) gifts. So creative.

  6. Debbie July 29, 2009

    Your gifts are always so creative, thoughtful, and from the heart. You are an inspiration!

  7. This is so sweet. I love the elephant!!

  8. I, too, hate the hardship that this recession is bring to many, many people. The biggest benefit for me in reconnecting with family on a different level – like getting gardening tips from my uncle & learning to can with my grandma.