Gifting Season

June 28th

June-July-August seem to be the best time of year for those I love to get married, have babies (or showers), graduate and be born. I’ve got celebrations galore to celebrate and lots and lots of fun crafting ahead of me.
These onesies are one of my new favorites. I watch the sales for onsies at Tarjay and scoop them up in bulk. Add a dash of Sublime Stitching magic and voila — and easy peasy baby gift. {A trick to embroidering on cotton: if you add a bit of iron-on interfacing on the back of your t-shirt before embroidering, your work will be more even. After the fact, cut another piece of interfacing the same size and iron it over the back of your work to sandwich in your work and keep it from fraying/coming out in the wash.}

fingers crossed for girls
patterned monkey

As for birthday presents, I’m giving one of my favorite gifts to receive: a new fun summer mix of music in a homemade card. Because nothing says Feliz Cumpleanos! like a dash of Frida and dia de los muertos skulls.

summer correspondence

I so love summer crafts that don’t make me cranky with their difficulty. Phoenix is cranky enough this time of year!


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  1. I LOVE the CD idea. So very cool…and so personal.
    I do the same thing with onesies. I have three friends due in Sept (all boys) and I bought up a bunch of onesies at Tarjay. I haven’t decided if I’m going to embroider or sew some boy-ish patches on them, instead. Your monkeys are too cute, though.

  2. Those are super-cute shirts. Are they children’s size?

  3. Adorable onesies!! Love the monkey.

    We must have the same brain wavelength girl! I was just putting together a fun summer music mix to surprise my buds with. 🙂 Now you won’t be surprised when you recieve your copy, but I just had to tell you how cute your mix looks… and how funny it is was that we are thinking alike.

  4. Ms Lala June 28, 2007

    I love these onesies, they are absolutely adorable. When I had my baby, I went the puff paint method and did (as best I could) little sayings like Mommy’s Little wiggle worm, and When Mom and Dad say no call Nana. I love those stampers you have, I have been scouring the net trying to find them and am not turning anything up. Can you tell me the company that makes them? I would go to New Mexico myself, but the Hubs seems to think that a shopping trip to the Southwest, solely for the purpose of buying rubber stamps is a tad overboard, considering that I want to go to France to soak up the culture and junk. As if! 😉

  5. i would love to be on your gift list! love. the monkeys!

  6. Love the stitching!
    Also, I love your stamping. I got your letter in the mail (thanks!) with your AfricanKelli stamp, it was really nice looking! I loved the letter and the pic too.

    Did you see that the US is sending $507 million to Mozambique?

  7. Looks great! Great ideas for gifting!

  8. I love the Frida card! My 8 year old adores her and her work. Did you make the stamp yourself or buy it somewhere? Because now that I’ve seen it, I’ve got to find one for her.

  9. I can take the heat but it’s that sticky stuff in the air that makes me crabby like everyone else. Cute design you did. And I have a little something going out in the mail soon too. I think it’s heading to arizona???

  10. Yes, where do you find those cutie stamps? I have to find some of my own…..

  11. Beautiful crafts! I love those monkeys!

  12. Your gift recipients are blessed…I especially love the CD idea…you are so very thoughtful!

  13. Kelli, your monkey onesies turned out really cute. I’m so happy I stumbled across your blog! Thanks for sharing – I hope to see more!

  14. Hey I received your letter, thank you very much!!
    I posted on my journal about this.. ^^
    Again, thanks for all the love

  15. ergg wrong email, sorry ^^

  16. Perfect little gifts for newborns and 1 year olds! And I bet the moms are overjoyed at getting a little handmade goodness from you. 🙂

  17. what cute monkeys.
    love the frida kahlo.

  18. Awesome work Kelli!!!!