Give me a B! E! A! R!

October 17th

A phone conversation I had with my brother this week:

Cody: “I am totally stoked. I am going with a bunch of friends hunting and we got elk and bear tags.”

Me: “Bear tags? Like dog tags?”

Cody: “No, like we can kill a bear if we see one.”

Me: “Why, why?! Would you want to kill a bear?”

Cody: “Why not?”

Me: “Don’t give me the typical pro-hunting schtick. What could possibly make you want to kill a bear? And don’t say the meat either because no one wants to eat bear meat.”

Cody: “Because, you know. It will be a challenge. It will be cool.”

Me: “I’m rooting for the bear.”

Cody: “WHAT?! You can’t root for the bear! Do you want me to get eaten?”

Me: “Nope. But I don’t want the bear to get eaten either.”

Cody: “I can’t believe you are rooting for the bear.”

Me: “Go bears! It’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday. Go bears!”

Cody: Click.

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  1. Anabella October 17, 2007

    Delurking to say… B! E! A! R!
    (I’m rooting for the bear too.)

  2. LOL…I say let him get the bear. My older brother was stationed in Alaska for a few years. On one of his first hunting trips, his group got a bear. They were excited to eat bear meat. They’re all city boys and didn’t know any better. So, they made some burgers out of it and spent the better part of the following two days running to the bathroom.

    I told him it was Nature’s way of getting back at them.

  3. kelli: cody, why are you getting this breed of dog?
    cody: because he’ll be good to take with me camping to scare off wild animals and stuff.
    kelli: like, what kind of wild animals?
    cody: bears.


  4. I’m rooting for the bear, too! Although of course we don’t want your brother to be eaten. ; ) I have uncles and cousins that are big hunters. They’ve hunted bears and they have some pretty hair-raising stories. Not only would I not want to kill a bear, the idea of trying to hunt one down scares me to death!

  5. I know of one family that uses hunted meat as part of their food supply for the winter. They get a pass on the question. For everyone else, though, I suggest Photographic Hunting. Not as much fun hanging the blow-up on the wall as a bearskin, but then again, no one’s ever died from accidentally being shot by a Nikon.

  6. I swear I’ve had this same conversation with my hubby. Kind of a, because it’s there, sort of reason. I have no problem with hunting to help reduce overpopulation, and for meat. But my hubby thinks it would be cool (not to mention he’s afraid of bears). What is with these guys, lol!
    Hope the bears don’t show. πŸ˜‰

  7. WHERE can you go hunting where you’re allowed to shoot bears? Are they overpopulated or something?

  8. i’m on team bear too!!

  9. Marianne October 17, 2007

    You can hunt bears in Michigan, but must enter a lottery system to be picked for a bear permit. I’ve heard bear meat is really good, but have not had it myself. I have had lots of venison (whitetail deer) which is very lean and good in all kinds of things. Also had buffalo–also very lean.

    In some places bears are nuisances, getting into garbage and coming into towns, etc. I think the hunting permits are population control. And of course, revenue for the state. πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t quite know what to say to this. I cried recently because I scared a grasshopper who hopped away and immediately got caught by a tarantula–I felt like a murderer. I guess I’ll just say I don’t want anyone to get killed–bear or Cody.

  11. I’m on the bear team too- should we get ‘team bear’ T-shirts printed?!

  12. I’m with the bear too!!!! Keep us posted with the news, ok?

  13. Because I can isn’t a great reason to hunt. πŸ™‚ I’m rooting for the bear! As long as it doesn’t attack. Then I’m rooting for the brother.

  14. I’m petrified of bears but I am too rooting for the big, scary, toothy, huge-clawed animal. In Alaska I met a man who traveled everywhere to hunt these large game animals. Although I don’t agree with them, I can see the adrenaline rush that must come with it. Kind of like why I fish. It’s bonding, and there is a rush when you hook a big fish (and some dinner too). I no longer sport fish, but I do still fish…

    Hope your brother is safe on his trip!
    (go bear!)

  15. Since it is half way across the country, I’ll root for the bear. But when the bear is on my front porch I’m not such a nature lover. I am really, really not liking bears these days.

  16. I say go bears too. BUT, I don’t want that bear to eat my son, either.

  17. Bears? That’s just crazy.

  18. Your mom is funny. I’m on team bear, but I hope your brother is safe on his trip!

  19. Brothers! Geesh!

  20. Sounds like this is a hunter instinct… if he gets a bear, I hope he eats it. That’s really the only rationale in my book for hunting–eating the meat.

  21. Anabella October 18, 2007

    At risk of being annoying… Can I just say that if the bear are coming into towns and getting into the garbage it is because we’re encroaching into THEIR territory? Suburban sprawl is a huge problem, and one of the results are deer and bear, and whetever else, mingling with the humans because there’s nowhere else to go. OR because we’re hurting this planet in such a way that they have nothing to eat, so our garbage, gardens and whatever was left outside is fair game.
    I’ll go back to my corner now… (Let’s call it Oct. 15, environment action blog day, or whatever it was).

  22. Oh my… the only hunting we have here is rabbits and doves:P

  23. Goodness gracious. Too much testosterone in that one. I say, go couch potatoes (bears or humans). πŸ™‚

  24. oh my.. Go Bear! I agree with the camera comment.

  25. I’ve been around bears, and I still say, “Go Bears!”

  26. Ok… I’m also rooting for the bear.
    Although, your bro is a cutie so he should kill the bear in self-defense only… πŸ˜‰