Giveaway: Back to School Pencil Pouch

July 22nd

One of the best parts of going back to school? New school supplies. I often find myself wandering the school supply aisles even now, some ten years since leaving graduate school.

Pencil pouches

(I am the same kid who saved my babysitting money to hit the Sanrio store in southern California each summer on family vacation. I wanted Hello Kitty everything.)

Pencil pouches

As such — a few charmed zippered pencil pouches. How great is this pattern? It provided the perfect chance to use a few random earrings I’d saved, sadly having given up on finding the pair. Voila: a trio of sunny pencil pouches ready for the new school year.

Pencil pouches

Interested in having one? Leave a comment telling your favorite back-to-school story and I’ll pick one comment randomly to win a pouch. I may just send along some Hello Kitty stationery too.

Pencil pouches





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18 Responses

  1. These are so cute! Speaking of pencils, I had a pencil collection growing up. They couldn’t be sharpened and the erasers couldn’t be used. I had more than 500 pencils! I still made Mom buy me pencils for school each year because I didn’t want to ruin any from my collection. I’m pretty sure it drove her nuts, but she never complained.

  2. My elementary school was about 8 blocks from our house. There was a very busy street, uniquely situated “above” the other streets (that doesn’t quite describe it correctly….)…Anyhoo….we had a crossing guard there. His name was Jim. So when we’d get there by our bikes or walking, he’d safely help us across this street. Also if you were a crossing guard (as I nerdily was) you got to know him even better. One year (a few years? it all blurs together!) Jim shows up at my house with a Three Musketeer candy bar. My birthday is August 25. When they changed the laws regarding the date school started (after Labor Day in MN) my birthdate was technically in “summer.” He gave these to kids throughout the school-year, I never thought he’d personally ride his bike to my house to give me mine. What a sweet, generous man. He passed away during my 5th grade year. It was devastating. I will never forget him.

  3. Jenn Hoskins July 22, 2014

    Kelli, I am a nerd! My best memory of school? Buying new school supplies. Loved, loved going to buy new supplies…still addicted to pens, pencils, pencil cases & stationary!

  4. Yes to the school supply love and saving money as a kid for the Hello Kitty store. Too funny!

  5. I used to LOVE walking to my elementary school with my dad. It was up the street from my house growing up so the few years I went to that school, I’d get all dolled up on my first day of school and we’d walk there together. One year I had on a pair of brand new tights with my First Day of School Outfit (kindergarten I think?) and just when we walked onto the parking lot, I tripped in my new shoes (why are new shoes always so trippy?) and tore my fresh pair of tights. I was so upset that I was going to have to go in with ripped tights and a skinned knee that my dad ran all the way back home to get me a fresh pair.

    He’s still my hero 🙂

    Another year, maybe first grade? I remember a boy named Jason who was so afraid of starting at a new school that he was crying on our first day. I was nice to him because I felt bad that he was crying. We went to school together (and were boyfriend/girlfriend) all the way through 8th grade!

  6. My favorite memory is meeting my Best Friend Becky on the first day of 5th grade. We had moved during the beginning of the summer and there were no neighborhood kids our age. Becky and I sat next to each other and scoped out each other’s emergency card. Her address was the only other street I knew in the town and it happened to be one street over from where I lived. What a shame that we didn’t know we were within walking distance the entire summer.

  7. You made those?! So cute, Kelli! I can’t think of a back to school story, per se, but I do remember, quite vividly, watching Matt Wolf thread a spaghetti noodle through his nose and out his mouth in Miss Appel’s class.

  8. I loved getting new back to school supplies so much that I always bought myself a new supplies well after I was out of college…are the back to school sales starting already? I have to get me(I mean my daughter…ahem…and me) some new supplies! 😉

  9. I guess Im too old for this as a child going to school all our school supplies were given to us by the school. So for me the best time I can remember is going for school supplies with my children and of course I always worked in the school so I had to have them also.

  10. Sarah S July 23, 2014

    My very favorite thing ever is buying a new calendar/planner. There is just something about that clean slate to get (re)organized that gets me everytime. Therefore, office max/depot and franklin covey are always favorites! And I’m also a total nerd who loves that I get to go (temporarily) back to school throughout my new career in order to learn a new language or tradecraft.

  11. Alicia July 23, 2014

    On my very first day of high school – grade 9 – they played the Barenaked Ladies song “Grade 9” ( over the PA system. I remember that every September…and it’s been 9 years since I graduated from University.

    Going with my daughter to buy her first backpack for kindergarten was pretty cool too – we got it in July and she was very confused when she was told that school didn’t start for another 2 months! 4 year olds have no sense of time!

  12. Love hearing these stories!

  13. Charly July 23, 2014

    We lived out in the country…all dirt roads. I was always the first to be picked up by the bus and last to be dropped off. Our bus route was very long. It went along the fields, the hills by the lake and around all the curves. I loved riding the bus up and down the dirt roads…I was always the kid staring out the window or trying to hurry and finish my favorite book. It was peaceful to me.

  14. It’s not really a back to school story but when Katelynn was in her second year of preschool, she was in love with a little boy named Brady and it was a mutual feeling. For Valentine’s day, he and his mom made a pipe cleaner and Hershey Kiss “diamond” ring for Katelynn that they saw in Family Fun magazine. When I went to pick her up that afternoon, he proposed to her in the parking lot. It was the cutest darn thing! Oh and Katelynn and Paige wanted me to tell you that these are super cute!

  15. Such great stories!!!! My all time favorite back to school story was meeting my best friend in the whole entire world on the first day of 12th grade – we were in trigonometry class together and our mutual friend, Ryan Buskirk (who I’d known since preschool) introduced us. We have been inseparable besties ever since. OH yeah – and as for Trig – HELL NO – we transferred out of that class that very first week and took Cooking instead.

    PS GREAT idea for the lone earrings – I never thought of doing that but that is such a great idea.

    PPS My daughter’s girl scout troop is doing a school supply drive for 3 low income schools in our area. If I win I’m donating the pencil bag to that drive:)

  16. What a great use of singleton earrings!!

  17. My parents would take us to this great store called Fedco (like Target) and let us get ANYTHING we wanted. That always got us jazzed about school starting!