Glass Half Full

November 29th

Seems like the majority of us have issues with portion control and most don’t like to exercise. Thank you so much for your comments yesterday! I loved reading each perspective. It is comforting to know there are so many others who put a good bit of their daily thought into their well-being. It also sounds like we collectively need a huge dose of motivation and a giant kick in the ass.

I’ll certainly keep posting about Body for Life and my new little Everest. If anyone is interested in doing this together, Monday is my official day 1 of the 12 week cycle. I’ve already got a body-fat analysis appointment set at the gym. Oy vey. How’s that for a great Monday morning?

On to more positive health news — I ran across this in the NYT this morning (while sipping my protein shake):

“Sharp Drop in Deaths from Measles Reported”
Improved routine immunization programs and huge national drives to give children a second dose of the inexpensive measles vaccine have contributed to a stunning 91% reduction in measles mortality across Africa, with deaths plunging to 36,000 last year from 396,000 in 2000, the World Health Organization and UNICEF reported. Globally in that period, measles deaths fell 68% to 242,000.

Woo hoo! I’ll take positive global health news anyway I can take it. Now, the fact the callous editors of the NYT placed this little gem of a news brief across from a giant Harry Winston diamond add that read, “Who needs moderation?” is another story. Silver lining: hopefully the poor Africans who dug up that giant diamond got their measles vaccines and are alive and kicking today!


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  1. Great catch on the NYT.

    I just realized that I have this big poster hanging (ironically, I swear) on my closet of fifty people’s before-and-after pictures – and I realize from looking closely at the cover of the Body For Life book on the Amazon link that that’s what they’re advertising. Are you going to take before-and-afters? Are you going to spring for all the supplements?

    All I can say is, good for you for beginning a fitness program over the holidays. You’re a stronger woman than I am.

  2. did you see, too in the nytimes, i think, that the level/rate of american women’s deaths due to obesity leveled off? that’s good news. sounds like maybe we’re getting this thing under control.

  3. Good point about the ad next to that story.

    I’m not doing body-for-life but I think I’ll join your “monday” date and start my new exercise rotation. I look forward to hearing all about your exercise adventures!

  4. Geesh Harry Winston diamond! I’m hoping that a malaria vaccine will be produced soon. What a difference that would make in the mortality rates in Africa. You know I think I have that book I’ll have to look this weekend. Good luck on the body fat indicator on Monday I did that about five years ago. It wasn’t bad at the time.

  5. Good luck on your BFL mission! I’m chugging along my “off-season” prep plan for my half-ironman training. You’ve been great inspiration to me – I loved reading about your SOMA journey!

  6. Kudos to you Kelli for bringing so much attention to world health issues.

  7. Wow – what an amazing month you’ve had… I decided not to comment on everything (even though I wanted to!) but did want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your exploits of the last month – you are one of my favorite people to live vicariously through!

    Now – if only I could vicariously learn this mysterious thing of which you speak…. “portion control” I believe you call it? This is a phrase with which I am woefully unfamiliar! 🙂

  8. Hi, Kelli:

    I still quote you from a blog post you wrote a while back (maybe 2006) about Americans and food. It’s hard to get other people to think about even making a SLIGHT change, let alone a drastic one, but it’s really nice to know there are people like you out there, too, who GET IT and can say it politely.

    My younger brother is a personal trainer. I need to get more of a plan going with his help.

    Good luck on Monday! (I think you look great in the vacation photos — and those are PHOTOS so I’m sure you look even more fabulous in person!)


  9. Good luck, Kelli. You are such a motivated, driven person that I am sure you will be successful in whatever you do. You are so awesome. I love reading your blog. It’s very uplifting.

  10. Wow, great news about the measles. Good luck with Body for Life. You amaze me!

  11. I just looked at my poster this morning. Back in 1999 (!) they called it the EAS “Body of Work” competition, but it’s definitely the same people.