Glittery Pumpkins and Cooler Weather

Happy pumpkins

Have I mentioned in the last 20 minutes how much I love Fall? Autumn + me = one happy Phoenician. This is the season that has been dangling like a carrot before us for the last five months of pure, utterly hot stickiness.
Last night my AC did not come on once. Sweet, cool weather joy.
While reading the October issue of MSL, I couldn’t help but laugh. So much of her magazine is inappropriate for Arizonans, and Phoenicians especially. I don’t need to clean my gutters, or gather supplies for the squirrels. I don’t have any colorful leaves to gather — alas, cactus spines don’t change hue — or wreaths to decorate. My winter garden cannot be planted until January and bulbs do me no good in clay soil. So, if you can’t trust Martha, how does one know that Fall has arrived in our basin of heat?
The pumpkin latte shows up at Starbucks, and the pumpkin bagel at Einstein’s. JoAnn’s starts sending me reminders on how to sew my Halloween costume. (Sure, right after I clean those gutters.) And the weather cools off below 100 degrees.
I’ve tucked my favorite white pants and skirts away in the back of the closet and been shopping for a new pair of black saucy boots. My pedicure routine will more than likely fall away for the next few months and I’m going to dust off my hot tea mug. I love the changing weather, even if we don’t have a true changing of seasons in Arizona.
I’m going to start posting many of my favorite pumpkin recipes and Fall traditions. If you’ve got one you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. I, too, love the fall. We get the seasonal changes here in Boston and this one is my favorite. It’s because of autumn that I don’t know if I could live anywhere else.

    Mmmmmm… can’t wait to see your pumpkin’ recipes!

  2. Fellow fall lover here!!
    Your fall sounds similar to mine (minus the cacti). We don’t have a lot of changing leaves, they just suddenly turn brown and fall off. We still haven’t gone without AC yet, but the humidity is down right now and it is supposed to be in the 50’s tonight *yay*. I may actually get to use a jacket tomorrow!!!

  3. I love this time of year. Here in north eastern Pennsylvania the leaves are turning, the pumpkin patch is opened, & apple cider donuts are for sale.

    I’m looking for a great pair of boots too, so if you find something “saucy” let me know.

  4. I decided on my costume yesterday! My mom could open a costume shop at her house. The costume I’ll be wearing is one my grandmother (with help from my grandfather) made my mom for a hs production of Carnival in 1969. It looks like the Swiss Miss Maid kind of. I can’t wait. I love costumes! (guess it runs in the family…life is a stage & all that jazz) And I need a pumpkin bagel. Never had that or a pumpkin latte. I already decorated for Halloween too. I can’t believe I’m loving fall so much! 🙂

  5. If you were here in Denver right now, you’d think you’d died and gone to heaven! The weather today is PERFECT. 70 degrees, no humidity, cloudless blue sky and changing leaves…

    There is snow in the mountains right now though, and I am NOT ready for that.

  6. Another way to tell that Fall is in the air in Southern Arizona, is by the color of the sky. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I swear the sky turns a different shade of blue when Fall is on the way.

  7. Living in Tucson, I totally understand what you’re saying about the changing of the seasons. The wheel of time turns but it’s hard to physically see that actuality here. Inside we know.

    I love the glittery pumpkins and really want to try that technique myself. A friend is bringing me apples so I’ll make an apple pie. Otherwise, I have to make of Autumn what I can here in the desert.

  8. Oh, Im loving the cooler temps. too, but by cooler I mean it got down to the 40s two nights ago! YIKES! But we do pumpkin muffins here and pumpkin pancakes…yummy. And the traditional hay ride to the punkin’ patch. There are several apple orchards, so that is where we are headed this next weekend. Cant wait to hear some new pumpkin recipes.

  9. A couple nights ago sitting in Matt and Melati’s back patio in a pair of shorts and tshirt, like I usually am, I was fine around dinnertime. After dinner though I noticed it got a little cooler because I was chillin’ with my arms crossed. Huh? Then it was later and I knew it was cold and Melati said “Are you cold?” to which I replied, “No. It’s not cold. What makes you think I’m cold?”

    Anyway, where did this weather suddenly come from? And everyone can send me their roasted leftover pumpkin seeds. I won’t complain.

  10. I love the season, mee to. And I can’t wait to have more tips and recipes “all-american” for my own personal Halloween party, it’s a tradition at home, long before anyone in Italy knew about it! Thank you Kelli!

  11. i have a pumpkin just like that! stumbled upon it last night looking for an old vogue knitting. figured it was just the right time to pull it out and put it to good use.

  12. One of my friends and I have a simple pumpkin smoothie that we make based on a Jamba Juice seasonal smoothie that I love at this time of year. Basically just mix vanilla soy milk, vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream, and a couple big spoonfuls of pumpkin pie filling. Yum!

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