December 28th

I traveled early to Phoenix for the holidays to see Kim graduate from nursing school. And the girl didn’t disappoint. In fact, she was one of a few in her class honored, and the only one to receive a leadership award.

Kim graduates!

Needless to say, her fan club went bananas crazy with pride, including ringing a cowbell. She had rows of people screaming like mad for her and every yelp was well deserved.

Kim graduates!

Because if you are going to have a nurse in the family, let it be a super smart one who can lead!

Kim graduates!

And then, because this is Adam and Kim, after way too much pizza and libations — we bowled:

Kim graduates!

Yep. She’s even gorgeous bowling. Smart and gorgeous. I know. 

Kim graduates!

So damn proud of her!


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4 Responses

  1. Pretty pictures, and oh my – that’s a pretty cowl/capelet thingy you’re wearing!

  2. Yay Kim! Welcome to the ranks, friend!

  3. Congratulations Kim! Welcome to the most wonderful profession in the world!

  4. Great post! Congrats to your friend Kim. We need good nurses! 🙂