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October 22nd

birthday flowers

Birthday flowers from Finny. Did she know sunflowers are one of my favorites? She knew these would make my day and they did.

I know I ramble quite a bit about how lucky I am, but it truly caught up with me this weekend. First, thank you very much to everyone who left a sweet note about my birthday. To be honest, birthdays make me squirm. I’m great at giving gifts, but needed two glasses of wine (Hello, wagon: time to fall off.) to be comfortable enough to open gifts in front of my closest friends at dinner. I’m not sure what that is all about, but apparently I’ve got some social awkwardness issues.

giant pumpkin cake

This week’s pumpkin cake in a pumpkin pan! Isn’t it awesome? Seriously, Finn knows me. And the bagel shop boys love her too. They wolfed this down this morning.
Then my parents called first thing Sunday morning from Texas and just hearing my dad’s voice sent me into an adolescent crying fit. I sobbed. I cried harder than I have in a long time and my parents were pretty convinced something had gone horribly wrong in Tempe. I’d simply misplaced my coping skills. And then I started crying harder when I realized how upset I had made them. I really miss my family — another topic I’ve beaten to death around here — but holidays make that all come bubbling to the surface. I heard his voice saying, “Happy Birthday, Pumpkin” and was transported to our small kitchen table, sitting in front of my mom’s amazing chocolate birthday bundt cake with a pink candle on top, with birthday presents wrapped in the funny pages surrounding me. In reality, I was standing in my bedroom on my cell phone trying to catch my breath between wails.

new stamps

New fun stamps for a Fall card project I’ve got in mind.
Sometimes emotion catches me completely by surprise; I’ve definitely got a bit of delayed emotion disorder too. I’m one of those ever-so-fun friends who realizes a couple days later that ‘Hey! You totally made me mad when you said XYZ last week.’ I often recognize that I’m not feeling great, but can’t put my finger immediately on the cause. Yet another thing to work on, but I am getting better.

elephant tile, perfect

A little elephant luck added to my bedroom Africa wall.
Back to the luck — my girlfriends who I’ve grown up with, the Ya Yas — are pretty much the most amazing group you can imagine. They know me better than I know myself most days. I have a feeling they knew I’d be especially family sick this weekend and they over-scheduled my every second with parties, lunches, movies, and shopping to keep my mind off of things. They surrounded me and made me feel loved, as did many, many others.
If that isn’t luck, I’m not sure what is. I am so blessed!
Here is to another great week!


P.S Darjeeling Limited? Fabulous movie. I’m convinced Wes Anderson and I would be great friends. And Adrien Brody is the epitome of the goofball hottie. The guy that gets the hot girl for his quirkiness, not his biceps.

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23 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, doll. I’m glad everything hit the spot πŸ˜‰ OH, and I love that elephant plaque – very nice.

    The holidays, and the fam, are right around the corner — stay strong!!


  2. Well, I’m late to the party, but I’m bringing margaritas! Happy Birthday, sweets. I have no doubt that you’ll achieve all the things on that list. You are amazing. And so very young.

  3. *hug* I’m glad you had a good weekend Kel.
    And I agree about that movie, I’m glad we went with you! I love Adrien Brody. The slow-mo scenes of him walking with his long legs got me. He’s not ‘gorgeous’ per se, but there’s something totally hot about the way he carries himself…
    Love you!

  4. I was holding back tears everytime someone talked to me Sunday morning..I still am not sure what was wrong with me..I love those stamps, especially the giraffes, can’t wait to see what you make with them!! Have a great week!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful day!
    And you have great taste, my fav flowers are also sunflowers:P

  6. Oh, Kelli, it’s okay to cry–sometimes life just seems so strange and we occasionally feel out of step with it. A good cry and a talk with family or friends are often just the things to help orient us again. I hope this is true for you.

    Lovely birthday gifts–you deserve all the best!

  7. So glad your girls knew to surround you – that’s what makes them the best! They just KNOW! Sometimes a good cry just helps too….
    And hey – I’m a “Pumpkin” to my dad too! πŸ˜‰ Maybe it has to do with the “K” names?

  8. I always cry on birthdays. I’m also super uncomfortable having a party just for me, but then I feel sad when I feel like no one remembers. That’s why it’s always good to have a group of Ya-yas!

  9. I identify with you so much sometimes! I *totally* do the emotion delay thing, too. I’ll have a blast spending several days with a friend or some family and then get home and a few days later I’m all torn up and raw about something. Weird. Or I’ll be super cheerful and optimistic for a couple months, and then just have a terrible month where I melt down and deal with all my feelings at the same time (*ahem* October *ahem*). And usually they’re outdated and hard to explain because I have to cross-reference all these old situations and conversations. Sigh. I’m working on it, too.

  10. Happy, happy birthday!! Celebrate all the parts of you, the adventurous, generous, brave, spiritual, sensitive, loving, passionate, humorous, talented, emotional stew that makes you YOU. Life is pretty intense. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. Go with the flow.

    ps. Mr. Brody had me at the Oscar kiss (remember? with Halle Berry?). Inexplicably. Everything about that was intellectually offensive to me – the forced kiss, his big schnozz and buggy eyes – yet, it, and he was *so* sexy. Go figure.

  11. Kelli, I seem to be a day or two overdue but hope you had a great birthday! Maybe one of the reasons we seem to have a blogger connection is that we’re both Libras. Hope your weekend was wonderful, although it sounds like it was! Take care and enjoy!

  12. Glad you birthday was goo (if weepy!)!

    Where did you find the cute giraffe stamp? I have a friend who just *adores* giraffe…

  13. Yeah I can relate to the delayed reaction and the sneak attack homesickness. So glad your friends made your birthday special. I am also counting down the days until I go to my parents for Christmas. It’s not much longer and the holidays always race by!

  14. What a great birhday!

    I’ve called home before and as soon as I hear my parent’s voice? Niagara Falls. It must freak them out too when we can’t get our breath back in order to tell them that we just miss them and that everything is okay. At least, you’re in the same country as your parents. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that I’m a huge ocean away…full of scary looking fish…that are HUGE. πŸ˜‰

  15. Yes, I swear I can spell, “birthday”…

  16. Sunflowers are also my FAV!
    yummmmm for that pumpkin there…
    Friends are indeed a gift to cherish…

  17. Happy Birthday! I missed your post. Its the unexpected emotions that make life worth living, enjoy them and don’t worry about “fixing” them.

  18. Oh, I want to see that movie!
    I am fascinated whenever I see blogs that pertain to Africa. I LOVE Africa. After I graduate, I would love to work there. My Mom (Randi) reads your blog. She said you do a lot of traveling. What kind of job allows you to do that? That is so great!

  19. Me and hubby are both only child to our parents, and we know perfectly well the importance of having good friends. They are family to us, they are always presents in our lives, in bad and good times. So I know what kind of blessing you’re talking about!

  20. sending you an enormous hug…
    and yes, the holidays will be here soon…
    hear you on missing the fam (and delayed emotions… repression anyone? πŸ™‚ )

  21. I would love to see that movie!! I think it sounds fantastic! I know what you mean sometimes about the family and missing them. I’ve been like that with my folk since I moved back to AZ and left them in Wyoming.. even now I have periods of feeling like such a little girl when I call up and want to speak to mommy or daddy.. hehe. I still remember how I felt when my mom left to go home after staying with me when Grace was born. I was ready for her to go, and ready to be on my own but I remember this feeling of homesickness and panic welling up in my throat and being teary for most of a day. I mean, a little of that was probably all the hormones..but a lot of it was just wanting my mommy..

  22. I just ran across your blog ( WHICH I LOVE) and giggled when I saw you too have the pumpkin pan. The first time I made this I had to shave off part of each of my pumpkins to make them fit. Just had to share. Have a blessed day!