October 29th

New reads!

Like a little kid at show-and-tell in elementary school, let me be a bit brash and share a few of the thoughtful gifts I received last week. How rad is this stack of books? Oh, fantastically so! The Frida cookbook? I didn’t even know it existed until I squeeled like a fat kid in a candy shop when I dug open the paper. Amor!

The titles of all these books show you how truly thoughtful my friends are.

Oh yes I will Bake Wise

Science details behind each recipe

Amanda hunted down this cookbook for me after hearing about it on NPR. We are both cookbook junkies. I read them like magazines, marking pages, and circling things that sound interesting. This book in particular seems fascinating because of it’s emphasis on the science behind baking. I’m certain to share what I’m learning as soon as I dive into these recipes. (I need to find a new group of people to feed. Baking for one is a certain recipe for living in stretchy pants.)

Under pressure

My friend Kathryn sent a pressure cooker. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder how people know me so well. New kitchen toys? SCORE. Thank you!

WPA framed print

My brother had this lovely WPA print framed for me. To say it is perfect isn’t quite perfect enough.


Frida pendant

And there was the Frida pendant Sue sent. Por el amor de Dios! Precioso!

There were many other handmade gorgeous things too. I am particularly looking forward to wrapping up in a new turqouise scarf Colleen sent. Safe to say I am thoroughly spoiled.

Thank you!


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7 Responses

  1. Awesome, awesome gifts, Kelli! Each one is indeed absolutely perfect for you and also demonstrates the thoughtfulness of those who gave these special treats. What great friends you have! You’re truly blessed.

  2. You are one spoiled girl, and very deservedly so! You will love the Bakewise book. I have both that one and Cookwise by the same author – love them both! Shirley is Alton Brown’s muse, you know.

  3. Wow, that is quite the haul. Your friends seem like a very nice group but then you definitely deserve nice friends!

  4. Ohhhh I have Frida’s Fiestas. Isn’t it awesome. I’ve had it since Easter and It hasn’t actually left my coffee table yet. It’s like a picture book, I flick through while sitting on my couch drinking Ibarra hot chocolate and drool over it.

  5. Great gifts for a great gal! I’ve never seen that Frida book, have to look it up.

  6. How great, Kel! Glad to see you’re well taken care of by your family and friends. So fun!

  7. Maybe you deserve all this?