Gosh Darn It!

May 4th


Turquoise from Santa Fe, new beads from the shop down the street — a crafty weekend ahead.

Did you ever see the SNL skit featuring Stuart Smalley when he looks into a mirror and cheers himself on by repeating, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And gosh, darn it, people like me!?” The humor was in the guest hosts who were encouraged to parrot the same self-help mantra. Charles Barkley couldn’t get through it. Michael Jordan was nearly in tears. The audience was howling through both.
My family adopted this phrase and would repeat it anytime we were feeling blue or unmotivated — adding a bit of humor to lift our spirits.
I have been in a rather uncharacteristic crap mood all week. I fully blame the dead typhoid bugs swimming around system for putting me in a funk. Thankfully this morning I woke up feeling human and my normal, perky optimistic happy self.

A little in love with this bead

I am feeling empowered, in part, to sit up straight, smile and get going after my goals (like the beading) after a detour through cultural craziness yesterday. I sat down for a few minutes after running errands to watch a bit of television and zone out. Television anymore is frosting — totally unnecessary to my day, but occasionally a nice treat. I watched about five minutes of Rachael Ray before I decided that gosh darn it, my time is too important for this. Rachael was interviewing a mother who couldn’t control her 4-year-old daughter’s makeup habit.

{I’m going to pause here to let you re-read that last sentence. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.}

And I sat there and watched this nonsense for five minutes — like a passerby who just witnessed a horrible accident and is in shock. Ultimately, this segment should have been labeled: “Parenting 101 — teaching your children the word NO.” Or, “How to look like an ass on TV.” I’d like a time refund, please.

New beads

I was in traffic the other day when I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Those who know more need less.” When I fall off the vegetarian wagon, let it be face first into a juicy, seared petite filet. When we eat dark chocolate, let it be one perfect piece of Godiva. When we do sit down to watch television, let it be something wonderful and worthy. Because, gosh darn it, we are good enough.


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  1. amen! time is too precious to waste on nonsense! have a great weekend!

  2. Too true!

    I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Rachael Ray drives me batty. I used to love her shows, (only her cooking shows, never dived in to her talk show.. is that still on?) but after a Rachael Ray marathon on foodtv one weekend I decided she was too much for me. I’m glad that you’re back to your cheery self, and your turquoise and beads are GORGEOUS!

  4. So true..We are good enough! I agree wholeheartly on so many bits!
    I can’t wait to see some of your finished products! Those beads look fanastic by themselves 🙂

  5. Oh Stuart, how we hardly knew ye. We still quote that to each other in this house. Glad you’re getting your groove back! Pretty beads. And yes, the stuff on tv most of the time is unbelievable. I sit there thinking “I will never have this time back”, sometimes right before a piece of me withers up and flies away.

  6. First of all, I am drooling over your beautiful beads. I just want to run my fingers through those pretty little things! I saw the preview for that 4 year old make obsessed girl and I was like “wwhhhaaatttt???” I couldn’t even watch it.

  7. Hmmm, aren’t mothers supposed to be guiding children in how to behave? It’s not like a 4 yr old has any money to walk into the store and buy her own makeup. A grown up did that. Oy! Is it any wonder why young teens are having more troubles now. I don’t think there’s ever any harm in telling a child “no, you can’t have that”. I babysat two little girls the other night. And all it took was a little bit of crying and then a stern “no” to get them to go to bed after being denied more cartoon watching. Wouldn’t you know it, but they were asleep in less than 20 minutes. And they still love me and hug me when I see them. 🙂

    But enough of that … I have to say that your beads are gorgeous! I’m jealous of you being able to shop for turquoise in the land of turquoise. At least that’s what I picture when I think of Santa Fe. Turquoise and beautiful squash blossom haired girls. They’ll become a nice souvenir of your trip. Enjoy the beading progress. You will show us as you go along right?

  8. Wow, I love those beads. Simply gorgeous.
    My motto for tv is, why not spend time doing things in real life instead of just watching people on tv do things. We got rid of cable years ago- best thing we ever did. No cable, no satellite, no antenna, we do have a tv but it’s only hooked up to a dvd player. We do love to watch a good movie and I’ll admit it, I’ve watched every single episode of Alias on dvd while treadmilling. And MI-5. And the first 2 seasons of Lost. But at least I was exercising! ; ) Of course, now that we have high speed internet, I watch Lost on the computer on Thursday. (Tell Kate what, Jack???!!!)
    Anyway. I think it really helps the kids to have to be more creative with their time plus they aren’t bombarded with comercials. (Helps avoid the my four year old wants makeup syndrome. Boy is that mom in big trouble down the road) People think we are nuts but I like to think outside the box! ; )

  9. Amen, sister! And I love the beads. Happy weekend, my friend!

  10. Right on, Kelli! I love this post. Life is just too short to waste on silly stuff.

    Those beads are gorgeous. Glad you’re feeling more like yourself today. Have a great weekend!

  11. Sarah HB May 4, 2007

    Wow, gorgeous beads!!

    I am sure you can make something or 4 lovely!

  12. I adore your beads! What wonderful materials to work with. I agree with you on tv, whenever I watch it (we don’t have cable, just bunny ears) I’m reminded why we don’t really watch it. It’s shocking how dumb the tv stations think we are and how sensationalized everything has become. It’s so maddening, we always inevitably end up watching PBS.

  13. Very true, Kelli! And a time refund… excellent :))

  14. I understand completely about shows that are about these types of things. They’re nuts I tell ya! Can’t control the make up habit of a 4 year old??? You’re right when you said you couldn’t make that up if you tried! It’s too insane!

    I love, love, love the turquoise. My grandpa passed away two years ago this June and he LOVED turquoise. He had a watch and a ring that both contained turquoise. He was 84 when he passed and that turquoise is one thing I’ll never forget about him. Yours is lovely!

  15. oh my! such lovely beads!
    you should check this blog… everything made of seads

  16. i so needed a post like that today. thanks stuart. thanks kelli. nice beads.

  17. Here, here sister! I could not have said it better myself. And by the by…nice beads. You know I am a sucker for turquoise.

  18. I agree! Sometimes a person need to be reminded of these things. Beautiful necklaces, by the way.


  19. Hear, Hear! Like rohanknitter, no TV in this house, but I have obsessivly watched all of Alias, first 2 seasons of Lost and currently working my way through PRime Suspect! Love a good movie, we just watch everything on the computer these days and there’s no feeling of lost time. Can’t wait to see your beading creations…

  20. Hey Kel,
    Call me while you are beading. I wish you could come here to do it, but I am happy to talk you through anything via the phone (or Skype, do you have that on your computer?) then we could see each other and I could show you some fun things! The turquoise is BEAUTIFUL! I miss the southwest!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  21. Natalie May 4, 2007

    Amen Sister!!

  22. here here! oh goodness there is some crap on TV isn’t there? in Australia we have a station called SBS, some say it stands for Soccer Bloody Soccer, but it has lots of alternative shows on it and it feeds my soul when it is a deficit from watching “reality” TV, Paaaaleas! Sometimes I wish I could programme the TV to only turn on to the shows that I really like to watch and use my Ipod in between, wouldn’t that be an idea world 🙂

  23. Look at all that wonderful jewelery !!

    In Britain unless you get a satalite dish we have just four television channels. Therefore it cuts a lot of the rubbish out. So if you ever visit Briain stick too BBC 2 and you should be just fine for your television time – Julia x

  24. Judy in Carefree May 5, 2007

    Want to run to the bead store this morning as you have inspired me…not like Santa Fe but it would do! Watch Channel 8!

  25. I LOVE Stuart Smalley. I referenced him in my blog (http://scout87.wordpress.com/2007/03/14/food-for-thought/) and found it funny that a lot of people didn’t know that skit from SNL. Now I think you’re EXTRA awesome since you know and appreciate S.S. =]

  26. Tina in Santa Monica May 5, 2007

    Hi Kelli-
    You are good for my heart! Sometimes when I’m grumpy and need a reason to smile and relax, I surf to your blog or I head over to http://claudinehellmuth.blogspot.com/. I cannot help but smile when I see what creative adventures you ladies have been up to!

    If you check out the other blog, take a look at her photo entries of Il Giardino del Tarrochi! Just fantastic.

  27. We *are* good enough and life is too short.

  28. I love your family tradition .. .and so agree about the time refund. I spent my day today (so far) with my husband. Neighborhood meeting this morning, and a snooze on the hammock this afternoon. Catching up on blogs while he naps (again) is heaven to me!

    Can’t wait to see your bead creations.

  29. Oh those beads are lovely! I adore the green color, such a pretty green.

    LOL… that is one of the funniest SNL skits. I have to agree with you on the RR show. I tried watching it when I was home sick one day, she is totally cute and fun when cooking, but the guest topic was something totally lame. Most daytime TV is just plain worthless. Yes, much better to spend time doing something fun and enjoyable instead. 🙂

  30. I checked out Rachel Ray’s show when I was home and was disappointed. She needs to stick to cooking. The other segments are lacking big time.

  31. a big heck yea to this… i am amazed by how *bad* the stuff on tv is 99% of the time… it always irks me that i will never get that time back!
    i have some goodie bags *finally* put together so will send them on monday to you with the cookbook… hope you had a lovely time with the beading; the materials are stunning!

  32. So glad I decided to get a little dose of Kelli optimism before settling in with my own sick/grump on the couch. Just might take my own bead supplies to the sofa rather than reaching for the remote. I think we’re all waiting for you to start a talk show that’s fun, smart and worthwhile!

  33. E sees people like that mother in the ER all the time.
    Mom: My kid has had X problem for 3 days.
    E: Did you give your child medicine for X?
    Mom: No, Kid won’t take it.
    E: [Looks at Mom and wonders who is the parent]

    It makes him crazy. Makes me crazy to hear about it.

  34. I can’t wait to see what you do with the beads!

  35. Typhoid? TYPHOID? Though Typhoid Kelli does have a sort of New Age feel to it….

  36. Love the beads. As for the Rachel Ray program, P L E A S E! Give me a ******* break! I know how to break a 4-year-old from her makeup habit.

  37. I’m relieved to know that not only italian tv sucks! Nice stones, I’d like to see the final results of your beading!

  38. Oh my, those beads are gorgeous!

  39. Those there are some mighty fine beads. The turquoise is just gorgeous. I know what you mean about the bad TV. You’ll have to call it an accident- stumbling upon that horrible episode about a 4-year old and make up! Eeeks! Yes, we are good enough to not have to subject ourselves to such nonsense! Have a wonderful week Kelli!!

  40. Great post. Haven’t figured out yet whether TiVo is a blessing or a curse. Yay, there’s always something good on. Boo, there’s always something good on. Yay, I can fit TV to my schedule and turn off, even mid-show, when I’m done b/c it’ll still be there when I have time again. Boo, I squeeze more TV into my schedule because I’m not committing to a half hour, just “a few minutes.”

    I really really like your last remarks about opting for quality over quantity. When it comes right down to it, so much is filler.

  41. beautiful beads. thanks for reminding me to pause at that simply unbelievable “4-year-old daughter‚Äôs makeup habit.” yikes. triple yikes.

    what an excellent quote about “Those who know more need less.” i’ll have to discover to whom it is attributed.

  42. damn, girlfriend… I wish that I’d read this a week ago!

    (been in a bit of a funk myself, I needed this pep talk – which I denied myself by withdrawing into shell…)

    you’re awesome…