Grande Nonfat, Sugar free Craft Mojo Latte with 1 Splenda, Por Favor

July 6th

I’ve got my crafty mojo back and I’m gulping it down. Yippee! I knew an order of Lamb’s Pride wool from Yarnzilla would do the trick. I packed four skeins of sunny lime yarn for my weekend away and nearly finished two of the Mason Dixon buttonhole bags — one of my all-time favorite patterns. Once they’re felted, I’ll show and tell. They are on the lengthy list of gifts being sent out in the next week.
[Tangent: If you haven’t ordered yarn from Yarnzilla, consider this my highest recommendation to do so. It is not easy to find such a variety of Lamb’s Pride — a knitter’s staple — in Phoenix (the country’s fifth largest city, no less.) There is one shop about 35 miles from my house that sells this brand, but I have no craft shopping will power whatsoever. I figure I saved myself at least $100 in unnecessary yarn supplies and $10 in gas by ordering online. Plus, they delivered it within a couple days. Fabulous! Yarnzilla, consider yourself my new yarn pimp.]

Other gifts in progress:

June wristlets 2

A new batch of July wristlets.

Covington 4

And, Covington, numero cuatro.

Covington 4, lining

With pretty pink lining, no less.

I’m also enjoying a recent garage sale find — a vintage sewing tool kit that keeps my supplies organized with Type A precision. This $3 purchase made me jump for joy.

sewing box3
sewing box2

I use those mint tins to hold labels and straight pins, a trick I learned from my mama.

sewing box

I think a fish tackle box, or a Caboodle, would do the same trick nicely. Don’t pretend you didn’t have a Caboodle with Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers inside.

Back to the drawing table,

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  1. i had no idea that phoenix is our fifth largest city. that’s just cool. and you live there! so the covington bag, is that amy butler? i ought to scroll through and read more and would probably find out myself. but then what else could i comment on? your wristlets are sweet and i like your new box. i need several of those. my supplies are amazingly scattered! good day!

  2. Great crafty finished projects! Such fantastic colors you choose.

    I have an old sewing kit like that and I use it to store all my cake decorating supplies.

    Because I decorate cakes so often.

  3. Sarah HB July 6, 2006

    Love the bags…um, one of the wristlet fabrics looks familiar (a different color) but familiar.

    I need a box like that for all my gear!

  4. Love the sewing box! I am in the market for one of those right now, incidentally. I never thought of using a Caboodle (but have seen the tackle box idea implemented). I have a pearl pink Caboodle that I got when I was 12 or 13 that used to hold all flavors of Lip Smackers. Now you’ve given me a great idea for putting it back to work LOL.

  5. You are becoming a pro at making those cute wristlets.

    You never told us, how did your African Care Packages turn out? How were they received?

  6. first off, love the bag (that fabric is great) and wristlets!

    great sewing box find. “sew” neat and orderly now. I, too, keep my pins in an Altoid tin.

    And, gladly, I did not own a caboodle. But my younger sisters did! Geez! Did I just give away my age???

  7. Great pics today! Love the blue & brown wristlet as well as that delish bag you made! Beautiful. I had a mild panic attack about making my wristlet for the swap today. I hope I do not disappoint my partner! (and yes, I loved my Caboodle…and lip smackers! still do)

  8. Your wristlets & bags & colors are fabulous, as ever. Sweet garage sale find!! Nice! Don’t you just love it when that happens.

    My Caboodle was pinkish purple and I never really used it til college because I was not a girly girl and didn’t have make up to put in there…but when I went in to my BFA program (theatre) I had a huge makeup kit and that seemed to work nicely. No lip smackers though….

  9. Delurking to say hi to a fellow Phoenician. πŸ™‚ It is a bugger to find LP here…the only place that has Bulky is AZ Knitting & Needlepoint. ARG! And since I live in Gilbert, it’s a trek! LOVE the tackle box idea!

  10. how on earth is MY wristlet gonna compare??????

  11. ohhh! i love all your sewing pictures…

    todo muy bonito…


  12. I miss my Caboodle… pink on the bottom and blue on the top – if I remember correctly.

  13. Ok, I’m falling way down the list here on comments, but I love that organizing box. And for $3? Woman, I love it! And for the record, I JUST tossed my Caboodle from elementary school. Unfortunately, all the oil paint tubes I was storing in it exploded into one technicolor mess inside. I will so be on the lookout for a lightweight sewing box like that one. Nice!

  14. After seeing these, I feel like I should bow down to the wristlet queen and start making excuses for mine right abooooout now.
    And that bag is CUTE!
    My caboodles, I think, was purple. Wait, it was. And it’s still somewhere in the house in Tucson. My mom got it for me for ballet performances. It got me through 6 years of heavy-duty Nutcrackers AND high school. And my favorite lipsmacker was cupcake, which I got during college and which I would love to find again because cupcakes make me happy.

  15. I love that purse you made! the colors are great! and the wristlets are awsome as always. I’m with Rosie, getting worried about how mine is going to look like! But looking forward to the challenge πŸ˜‰

  16. I love your fabric selections. Especially the roses. Very pretty. Sadly, I never had a Caboodle πŸ™ That sewing box was a great find. Everything is organized so nicely!

  17. sooo do you sell your crafts? That maxon dixon purse would look FAB in lime green and pink?

    lemme know !

  18. Ok, you caught me. I currently have all my makeup in a Caboodle and I also am in possession of two Dr. Pepper LipSmackers. Seriously.

    That purse is cute! Is it your own original pattern?

  19. I had a sewing box EXACTLY (except mine was gold colored) like that! Yep, a caboodle for sewing supplies. Quite a find, good use of $3.00. Your wristlets are adorable and the bag is oohlala.

  20. I have the exact same sewing box but in blue that I inherited from my granny (who’s favorite color was blue and would NEVER own anything that was green unless it was a plant). I love it for organizing and especially because it brings back so many happy memories of her. It still has MANY of her notions in it – I can’t quite let go of them although I doubt I am ever going to use a 3″ bra extended from 1963. Ah well. Grand find!

    And your wristlets are making me panic slightly about my swap.


  21. Dr. Pepper lipsmackers, lol. I also had a pineapple kiss type thing that was yummy. I got one of those sewing boxes at a thrift store recently also. Mine is an amber-colored plastic. I can never seem to have enough sewing boxes.

  22. Glad you’ve got your craftyness back!

  23. re: vintage sewing box: I have been wishing my sewing stuff was more organized, and have always wanted to use a takle box. Your post has inspired me to go get one this week, finally. πŸ™‚

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