June 20th

Lunch of champions

In jest, a coworker said I was “everyone’s favorite grandma” last week as I walked in the door with yet another plate of cake. If you know anything about me, my thin skin is one of my most prominent features. So is my tendency for a fiesty over-reaction. And an insecure knee-jerk questioning of those closest to me.

“Am I a grandma? Is that how you view me?”

“How about you?”

“And YOU!”

Accepting your quirks is part of life. Please raise your hand if you aren’t getting weirder as you are getting older.

Thank you. I thought so.

Lunch of champions

And frankly, if you’ve met my grandmas, you’d know they’ve lived through some serious business. They are fierce and while the connotation was meant as a dig at my tendency to go to bed early, delight in knitting and feed my obsessive habit of stuffing those around me baked goods, etc. Anyway, being this nutty, crazed, and at times overly-sensitive girl, I headed out to the bar to meet some friends after teaching VBS one night last week. Let’s just say it was Matty’s last night in town for a bit — he’s home in Africa for a while — and fueled with a desire to prove I in fact am not a rocking-chair owning, cat adoring, needlepointing matriarch — I had a good time. Although I was encouraged to share every last detail of the night’s adventure, I won’t. Add chicken to the list of faults. I will say Matty has new enthusiasm for coming home to Tempe; I’d never had quite so much fun with him and the boys in the two years that he’s been here as we did the night last week.

As for the jerks at the office? Say it with me: NO CAKE FOR YOU. I’ll just take myself out for a plate of enchiladas and margaritas for lunch with that baking money instead.


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  1. What’s wrong with taking care of others baking for them? Food is a primary need and feeding the ones we love is a serious matter to me! A good meal, a nice settled table, food cooked with attention, it all screams LOVE to me. Tell that as…. to go to hell!

  2. I am firmly in the weirder as I get older camp. My husband chuckles at it often. No cake, that will teach them to make the ‘grandma’ comment. Sounds like a good time was had by all last week. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. I was called a Grandma back in college by someone who then proceeded to ask me to knit them something. Just take it in stride. One day they will appreciate all your “Grandma” qualities. 🙂 I personally want details about your night out with the boys. Lunch next week??

  4. Sharon June 21, 2010

    Those co-workers of yours are just jealous that they can’t bake as well as you!! Stand up and be proud of being such a nice person!!! There are very few of us left in the world!! Glad you had such a good time last week too!

  5. i too would love details! And what a bunch of jerks at your office. Ungrateful is another word that comes to mind as well. I think you are a wonderful person Kelli who does nothing but give of herself and I think anyone who is on the recieving end of your friendship and love and gifts of food should consider themselves blessed. I’ve only ever worked with a bunch of b’s in my offices over the years and think that your coworkers don’t know how good they’ve got it. and now, let’s have a piece of cake and talk aobut your night out…… 🙂

  6. It is so unusual for ANYONE to cook or bake these days, I think the comment might be more a statement to the dying art than anything else. Plus, how many people are nice and think enough of others to bring them a treat? You are a rare gem, Kelli, and they are going to be so sorry they hurt your feelings. How many days without baked goods will pass before they realize what they’ve done??

  7. 1. I am definitely getting weirder. Or more myself. Hard to tell the difference, really.
    2. People are insensitive when covering their own insecurities.
    3. Do what you like and be who you are. 🙂

  8. Favorite. Post. Ever.

  9. Debbie June 21, 2010

    My Grandmas were the wisest, strongest, most creative, loving women I have ever known! And, they knew how to have fun. What a compliment to be called “Grandma”! Hold your head up high and stay true to yourself!
    I leave for Israel tomorrow and often wish they were still here to tell them about my travels…I am excited!

  10. Hmmm, there’s a teaser in your post. I’ll stay tuned.

    I had to laugh at the “cat-adoring.” Uh-oh.

    You’re a person with so many diverse interests, skills, and talents…they’re just jealous. And I never saw a grandma as glamorous as you.

  11. I’ve been a grandma since high school. So wut?

  12. Yeah, I’m definitely getting weirder and am aging very rapidly. I will be going to the Golden Corral at 4:30 in the afternoon by the time I’m 30. I’m sure of it. Also, I’m dying for an enchilada now.

  13. Spill, woman!
    You’re not a grandma. Far from it. You are a warm and giving person who is true to her passions.
    But seriously, spill, Kel!