Gratitude Friday

August 3rd

if I were Jessica Simpson for a day...

A few things I’m thankful for today:

1. Bike helmets. So glad I had a helmet on when I hit the ground last week. So glad I am on the mend and feeling remarkably better. My finger is still swollen, but otherwise I’m good to go.

2. Brick workouts. I completed my first brick yesterday — meaning I stacked two workouts. I cycled for 45 minutes (Ruby and I have decided we are no longer seeing other people and are in love again. I haven’t told her about my side loves: the running shoes and Speedo.) and then ran for 30 minutes. The first mile of running was, to put it nicely, horrific. My legs were screaming, “NO! This is not what you do after you ride. What you do after you ride is you sit on the couch. And you feed us. You do not run. You do not collect $200. Please get us back to a resting position pronto.” Then the second mile was easier. And by the third mile, I’d found a groove and was smiling from ear to ear, imagining the finish line at the race.

3. While I’m boring you with my tri-training gratitude, I’m also thankful for Finny. She’s a runner and we’ve been encouraging each other. Even though we are about a thousand miles apart, we are both running 9 miles tomorrow morning in support of each other and training. I really wish we lived closer, although I’m pretty sure my liver is thankful we don’t.

4. Napping. I’ve recently mastered the 2-hour afternoon nap. No kidding. I come home from work, jump under the covers and conk out for 1.5-2 hours. Suddenly, I am able to go out with friends past 8 pm and not fall asleep at the table. Who knew you could train and be social? This is entirely new to me. Jeepers, I’m still talking about training. I’m annoying myself.

5. How about that photo? I am thankful I’m not carrying those babies around in real life. Yikes.

Happy weekend y’all,

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21 Responses

  1. I’m glad I don’t have to carry around those BooBs! I am thankful you had a helmet on. Glad you and Ruby have made up.

    I am a napper. Wish I had know…I have TONS of tips! lol!

    ps. i found a sight for the Frida bag. There is a cookbook too at Borders. Frida’s Fiesta or something like that. Going on MY Christmas list!

  2. napping is definitely a good thing to do, especially after such high activity. poor legs…ouch.
    funny picture kelli.

  3. Nice rack, Kel. Bwahahahahahaha….

  4. My cuz and her hubby just finished RAGBRAI in Iowa.

  5. I’ll bet it helps a lot to have a training buddy, even if long-distance.
    Your baby toiletry kit a la Amy Butler is adorable. Stuff like that is really handy for new parents and it’s a great idea for a shower gift.

  6. nancybee August 3, 2007

    I like your Friday posts… 😉

    It is wonderful to be thankful and appreciate our lives..

    Kudos to you Kelli! yeah…

  7. I mastered the nap hard core in college and it saved me because normally I am a morning person.

  8. I love #5:):) I did….for way too many years and then I had a reduction which is one of the best things I have EVER done for myself:)

  9. Very cute photo. I’m thankful for blogs that make me smile.

  10. Love your list! =] I love naps…don’t get them as much as I’d like to but can now safely nap once in a while and not worry that Jordan is burning the house down. When he was younger, I had to nap with one eye open!! lol

    Have a great weekend.

  11. ah the afternoon nap. It’s saved my butt many times. I’m not doing any training right now, I can’t get motivated, so I don’t need the nap. But when I get up for a run/walk at the crack of dawn, then go to work, the only way I can have a life and not be the crabby bitch is to nap for an hour.

  12. Kelli,
    I’m glad your accident wasn’t too bad, and yes! thankfully you had a helmet and you are getting better.
    Good picture btw 🙂

  13. Did my nine miler this morning and thought of you the whole way. Thankfully I had something to distract me from the fact that it was haaaaaaaaaatttt! Dude. I know it’s only Norcal and it’s only 80 degrees, but still, at 8am, it should still be foggy and breezy and cool. It was not. It was 95 minutes of sweaty hot whining.


    So how’d it go there, faraway training buddy?

  14. Jennifer August 4, 2007

    I’m thankful I’m not the one training for triathlons. 🙂 Hee hee. Also love #5. Great pic and I echo the sentiment.

  15. i can verify that kelli was out until 10:30p on friday night and did not yawn once. this is a big step and one that she should be applauded for. this makes two fridays in a row that she was out way past her bedtime. i, for one, am a big fan of kelli taking a nap in the afternoons.

  16. I think you look lovely in that photo ;))
    I’m so proud of you and all the training that you do!

  17. I’m absolutely on your side about the napping matter. In summer there’s too hot for a real sleep, but in winter…….oh God, take away anything else but leave me with my afternoon naps!

  18. I love the photo, how funny. Glad your doing better after the fall, I think the body kind of goes into a type of shock after a fall like that, takes a couple of weeks to get back to normal.

  19. Yeah as much as I wish my boobs were bigger at times, they would make doing triathlons a little bit harried? I need to consult with you when I get back in the saddle again for some training ideas. I bore myself a lot when i am training for these things. I wish I could take naps.

  20. Nice jugs!

    You’re my inspiration for getting up in the morning. Starting today, I had the alarm set for 5:30 and actually got out of bed! Plan was to get on the trainer, but I actually baked bread and worked instead. 🙁 One goal at a time, I guess. I’m going to try to get up early every single day until it starts to seem natural. Naps may be a crucial part of this plan. I’m going to have to build a George Costanza bunk under my desk, though.

    But I’ve booked myself for a 9 mile run this evening…hope yours went well!

  21. You’re so great to be back on the bike already! Brick workouts ARE tough, eh? But it always feels better after the first mile…