Gratitude Friday

if I were Jessica Simpson for a day...

A few things I’m thankful for today:

1. Bike helmets. So glad I had a helmet on when I hit the ground last week. So glad I am on the mend and feeling remarkably better. My finger is still swollen, but otherwise I’m good to go.

2. Brick workouts. I completed my first brick yesterday — meaning I stacked two workouts. I cycled for 45 minutes (Ruby and I have decided we are no longer seeing other people and are in love again. I haven’t told her about my side loves: the running shoes and Speedo.) and then ran for 30 minutes. The first mile of running was, to put it nicely, horrific. My legs were screaming, “NO! This is not what you do after you ride. What you do after you ride is you sit on the couch. And you feed us. You do not run. You do not collect $200. Please get us back to a resting position pronto.” Then the second mile was easier. And by the third mile, I’d found a groove and was smiling from ear to ear, imagining the finish line at the race.

3. While I’m boring you with my tri-training gratitude, I’m also thankful for Finny. She’s a runner and we’ve been encouraging each other. Even though we are about a thousand miles apart, we are both running 9 miles tomorrow morning in support of each other and training. I really wish we lived closer, although I’m pretty sure my liver is thankful we don’t.

4. Napping. I’ve recently mastered the 2-hour afternoon nap. No kidding. I come home from work, jump under the covers and conk out for 1.5-2 hours. Suddenly, I am able to go out with friends past 8 pm and not fall asleep at the table. Who knew you could train and be social? This is entirely new to me. Jeepers, I’m still talking about training. I’m annoying myself.

5. How about that photo? I am thankful I’m not carrying those babies around in real life. Yikes.

Happy weekend y’all,