Great White Goof Ball

Last week a friend asked me to take some photos for his new company. He and some friends have created a clothing line that I happen to really like. In fact, I went to one of their fashion shows this summer and broke my “no new clothes” policy and bought one of their tank tops.
This is from the photo shoot on Friday, ala pretty model:


And this would be me in the gift shop at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago last weekend.

Great White

No wonder why my modeling career never got off the ground. That said, I still love that tank. I’ve worn the tar out of it this summer, with a cheapie $5 Old Navy tank underneath. My no new clothing rule is about to be broken anyway. I’ve got that 10 year reunion coming up and I’ve got my eye on a new pair of stupidly expensive jeans and wedges.

On an entirely different note, I read a ton of great books while traveling that are worth mentioning. One of my favorite new books of all time is “The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint.” Wowie, wow, wow, as my friend Erin would say. It is a beautifully written story and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Five out of five bananas absoloodle.
I also read “Other Voices, Other Rooms.” This is Truman Capote’s first novel, which was published when he was 23. His writing is lyrical and so southern. I enjoyed it. Three out of five bananas.
Somebody’s Heart is Burning,” is a good West Africa travel read. I’ve had different experiences traveling through Africa, but I liked what she had to say all the same. It is a good read. Three out of five bananas.
Citizen Girl” was passed along to me by a friend and I couldn’t get through the first chapter. I thought it was horrible. Goes to show you that everyone has wildly different opinions on books because this thing received great reviews nationally. One out of five bananas.
Memoirs of a Geisha” was great and wow, I feel so much better for finally having pushed myself through this read. I have picked this book up and read the first 100 pages about 5 times. Thankfully, I used some layover time to get into the next 100 pages and then couldn’t put it down. Four out of five bananas.
Next up, I read “Snow Falling on Cedars,” which is an interesting read after “Geisha” because they both deal with the Japanese community in the same time period, but in Japan and the US. I was impressed by the author’s knowledge of so many subjects in this book. I felt like he taught me a little about a lot of things, and I enjoyed his story-telling. Four out of five bananas.
I also read through a bit of “Nancy Drew Girl Sleuth” and found the story behind my favorite children’s books entertaining. Three out of five bananas. And Oprah’s BFF Dr. Oz hooked me into reading “You on a Diet.” I did learn some new stuff and I think he’s got solid advice for how you can get your eating habits back on track and find your natural weight. Ah, common sense.

I am currently reading “Wuthering Heights” (I am tutoring a high school student) and “Living Your Best Life Now” — which I am loving.

Have you read anything fantastic lately?