Green Week Day 4: A Little Help From My Friends

July 19th


Today, a shout out to all the green inspiration I’ve seen sprouting up this week.
Sharon and her kindergarten students in Texas are taking recycling to a new level.
Keesha has overhauled her daily routine to cut out the crap.
Carrie is cleaning house and demonstrating the power of composting.
Rachael reminds us all of the old camping rule that makes such sense at home too — mellow yellow.
And June, oh June. She who regularly inspires me artistically shares her recipes and motivation for cutting out chemicals and making her own environmentally friendly cleaning products. Yeow!
Bravo ladies!

These are just a few of the many great ideas you’ve shared this week. Thank you so much for pushing me to be better! Speaking of, today I’m telecommuting. Tomorrow? The bus. Wish me luck!


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  1. i too have been impressed by everyone’s ideas. the comments here have been great! looks like green week is a hit! 🙂

  2. I have often wanted to take the bus but it just doesn’t work with dropping off two kids. Maybe for Saturday’s trip to Farmer’s Market. 🙂

  3. I love all these ideas!
    It boggles my mind how much of a difference would be made if every person did just ONE thing to help the environment. Just one thing. It’s sad, though, how people don’t like to be inconvenienced at all.

    Love all the info. Keep it coming!

  4. I think many of us would agree, Kelli – YOU’RE the inspiration!! 🙂

    And thank you.

  5. i had a “green moment” yesterday i just had to share with you. i’m busy packing for a move in a few weeks. i have to attend an orientation the week before. i was looking at the list of items i have to bring to orientation. pillow, sleeping bag…….a cloth napkin. i don’t have a single one! i happen to be at a friend’s so i ask her if she has one. she opens a drawer that has only cloth napkins! i asked to have a left over one, so i don’t break a set. she’s never lost or thown out a napkin ever. as she’s looking for a napkin she’s willing to part with i looked around the kitchen. no paper napkins. i’ve been friends with her my whole life & i just noticed that she rarely, if ever uses paper products, plates, napkins, etc.
    i think i need to buy more cloth products……

  6. kelli, i have a question. recently one of the biggest online spammers was caught. however, greatfull i am, spam does not physically cause harm to the planet, unlike junk mail, which i get loads of regularly, each day . is there anything we can collectively do to kick start a movement to get the government (at least locally) to wake up and take action against junk mail? it would seem to me that it is the same thing as spamming, except it actually wastes a valuable resource. or maybe there is something being done already and i’m just not aware of it. i was thinking about it on the plane…

  7. rohanknitter July 19, 2007

    Kelli, I think this Green Week is both encouraging and inspiring. Encouraging because I think of our family more as green “wannabees” than anything else. But taking a look around the house has shown me how much we do already. It’s also inspiring, with all these great ideas from everybody.
    (first item of business after we are done with the county fair : find a shower timer for my 15 yo!!)

  8. The ideas that everyone has shared have been fabulous and quite helpful. I’m incorporating a number of these new ideas into my life.

    Kelli, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words about me–makes me blush. However, if you look into the nearest mirror in your home, you’ll see the beautiful face of a true inspiration–yourself!

  9. These posts have been so inspiring, as yours always are. I have gleaned many little ways that we can be more green. As a mom, I feel even more of a sense of urgency to do this, to model this way of life for my boys, and to hope that this will be something that they come to see as just a part of how we live.

  10. I always take the bus to work in winter, and bycicle in the summer and anytime the weather is fine.

  11. thanks for inspiring me on a regular basis!

  12. These are such great idea. And that June chick is amazing…as always.

  13. thank you kelli for your good inspiration week.