Green Week Day 5: A Promise

July 20th

Falling in love with Mama Earth

Dear Mama Earth,
I know I’m one of the 6 billion humans you are trying to support on limited resources at the moment, and I also know I’m not any more deserving of your attention than the rest. But if I could just get your ear for a second, I’d appreciate it.
Here’s the thing — I live in the country that consumes the most, with the least thought. However! We once were great stewards of the land and we can be again. We are getting much smarter about this, even if we were the last to RSVP to the Kyoto party. I’m certain our next president will make sure we show up early to such affairs in the future. With an appetizer.
I’m sorry I haven’t been more mindful of you. I’m sorry I’ve neglected to recycle at every opportunity and that I’ve consumed out of boredom and not need. I’m sorry that I haven’t done more to change policies to be kinder to you, and in turn, my neighbors.
So, here’s my vow to you, Mama Earth:
{Raise your left hand and say it with me!}

As your friend, I promise to consume (eat, drive, etc…) only when necessary. I promise to stop and actually smell the roses, notice the sunrise and be thankful for all of the natural beauty that surrounds my daily routine. I promise to vote for leaders who are thoughtful of you. I promise to shop locally and support small business. I promise to plant indigenous species. I promise to go to the pound when I want a pet and not a designer puppy warehouse. I promise to always work for peace first. I promise to use what I have, be thrifty, walk whenever possible, and scream from the mountaintops that we can change the tide. I promise to tread as lightly as possible.

Thank you Mama Earth, for your abundance and patience. I don’t want to see other people; I’m thoroughly in love with you.


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21 Responses

  1. I’ve raised my left hand, too, and echoed your vow.

  2. man, yesterday i was walking abby & it was so quiet & peaceful out. i stood there with the light breeze blowing my hair & looked up at the sky. it was such a bright, clear, brilliant blue (rare to see where i live – one of the most polluted areas in america). what a great moment to just stand there & take in the beauty surrounding me. what a great day!

  3. Jennifer July 20, 2007

    Me too, me too.

    Thanks for including the bit about taking time to smell the roses; I was just thinking today about how much *time* I waste, in addition to physical resources. Wishing it were the weekend, wishing I didn’t have to clean the house again, wishing I had more time, energy, money; wishing wishing wishing and never stopping to reflect and just be in the moment, enjoying where and who I am RIGHT NOW. This mindfulness about time consumption is something I am working on, as much as I am working on mindfulness about energy, water, paper, and plastic consumption.

  4. “…stewards of the land” — YES! Isn’t that something we can all agree on? I’m sure your “Mama” is very touched and proud (well, probably your real Mama, too!)

  5. Hi Kelly, It is admirable to do the small (yes they are tiny) things we do to save the earth, but the big one most people wont/cant do. I have said this before on my blog, what is inevitably going to destroy us are the things that most people wouldn’t give up. It is the massive consumerism and the incredible number of toys that people want. The production of these “toys” is what will be the end of this planet as we know it, maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but it will come. All the “stars” zipping around the planet to make us aware, are the biggest contributors to this. How many houses does Madonna own, for example? I think it’s eight. Do we want to change, maybe when people realize what they have to give up and at what economic cost to society, ie. job losses,economic collapse etc. they would be shocked. What we do to earn money is the biggest contributor to planet earths decline. So what’s it going to be, your money or your life?

  6. You are the best. A bright ray of sunshine that I like to let in every day. And I’m with you on the vow, forever.

  7. You can’t see me, but I’m giving you a standing ovation. And I’d hug you if you were within arm’s length.

    You rock!


  8. i second your promise whole heartedly!

  9. Well said, Kelli!

  10. Thank you, Kelli. You gave me goosebumps. I am joining you in the pledge.

  11. i love it. a perfect pledge.

  12. love your pictures. love your header. new visitor to your blog … I live in Africa, have done most of my life … just moved to splendid isolation in the middle of nowhere. Loved your water saving stories; I have to be ever mindful of water, not enough where I am.

  13. For myself, I promise to eat only good food and not waste the resources I know about. It is important for all of us for our health and our planet.

  14. YES, i promise!

  15. Hello sweet lady! Ive been thinking a lot about you lately and just had to come over and get caught up on what you’ve been up to and what a great read this morning. All wonderful (and timely) things to think about. Im just getting ready to do a little greening myself.

    Blessings friend!

  16. you are officially awarded a rockin’ blogger girl award. check out my blog!

  17. I promise all that, me too! What is that they say? It’s the only one world we have, better for us to treat it well!

  18. As per usual….such a great entry! I raise my hand, too….it’s really made me think this week as I have read your blog…the simple, daily things really add up (for both good and bad)…acts as easy as paying your bills online and not getting all that wasted paper in the mail every month…even more committed than ever to our (small!!) garden out back and FINALLY rigging up some sort of retractable clothesline (actually outlawed by my HOA-thus the need for it to be retractable)…making jam with my sons so they know where there food comes from (not just the store, but the earth)…

    So…thanks for making us all think about the simple things we can do…a Chinese quote for you: “The frog does not kill the pond in which it lives”.

  19. Sheila July 27, 2007

    Here’s another one to add to your list: making ocean-friendly seafood choices. Check out for more information and your free pocket guide!