Grill, Sip, Laugh

My first Colorado BBQ — thanks to my brother, who purchased the grill as a housewarming gift:

Table is set



Summer BBQ -- Colorado style


Kim's gorgeous hair



7 minute cupcakes

Birthday’s celebrated: 1

Long-time interweb friends finally met in person: 1 (Colleen! Wahooo!)

Bowls of “back up guacamole made just in case”: 2

Pending wedding celebrated: 1

Dogs present: 4

Rounds of margaritas: plenty

Yesterday felt like a scene from some country magazine feature — where folks show up with a bowl of something from their garden and a dog to run around in the yard. In other news, I’m home.



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  1. So – the grill went together OK and you had a great BBQ! Awesome! Though I’m bummed I didn’t get to see it with my own eyes. 🙂

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