October 30th

The Salty Senor and his adorable gal Kim (Salty Senorita?) had me over for dinner last night.  Really Kim did all the work. Adam and I watched with eager anticipation.

Stuffed acorn squash

Stuffed acorn squash

What was she cooking for her first real meal? Why, roast acorn squash stuffed with corn chowder, of course.

Pretty sure my first meal cooked came out of a Kraft box and involved only stirring and squeezing some magic sauce over noodles.

Stuffed acorn squash

Needless to say, she impressed us wildly. And within about two minutes, my plate magically transformed from this …


to this.

Rocking the apron

Can you tell she cheered in college? This was her automatic go to pose for a photo. GO Dinner!

Happy Halloween weekend, friends! May you be blessed with gobs of your favorite candy, friends, family and much laughter and some fantastic pumpkin dessert too.


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7 Responses

  1. Go dinner!! Oh my god, hilarious.

  2. That meal looks wonderful, and Salty Senorita is too cute. Goooooooo chowdah!

  3. So I have pregnancy cravings all the time. Sometimes I know what I want, like always wanting pickles, and sometimes I see a picture of food and decide that I can’t live without it. I now know I cannot live without that acorn squash stuffed with corn chowder. I think I know what I’ll attempt for dinner tonight or sometime soon!

  4. Yum! Another thing I just gotta try. (I recognize that apron that you made!)

  5. What a yummy dinner! I love the way the corn chowder is presented in the acorn squash, makes it extra delicious as well as a wonderful presentation. Happy Halloween to you, Kelli!

  6. I’m going to make this. Thanks for the inspiration via the Salty Senorita and Cheerleader extraordinaire!

  7. Oh. Nom nom nom nom…
    Looks Deeeeelicious. Once we get an oven (ha ha ha-we moved into a home with no appliances and now have all but the oven…) I think I’ll try my hand at this…or perhaps I’ll be daring and try it on the grill…
    I hope your weekend is going great Kelli. Thanks for continued inspirationses…Big Hugs, Sister–