Guilt-Free Icing on My Cake

So, I finished finished my novel. I’ve written my query letter and it’s going out tomorrow. Now, time for a treat.
I’ve long promised myself “the handbag of my choice” upon completion of the novel. This served as serious motivation in a writing drought, or two. (I’m a rare breed — one who works with the poor and still finds time to worship Louis Vuitton. Confused? Um, yeah. I’m obviously still working out that balance of Africankelli and Americankelli.) Me likey purses. And I’d like to purchase a great, classic bag that I’ll have for ages — something that will remind me that it doesn’t matter if Oprah thinks this is a good story. It is one I wanted to tell.
A few friends I’m considering inviting to the party:
Kate Spade
Michael Kors, in either color,
and the king himself — Louie Louie.
Aw, who am I kidding? I talk a big, fashionable, Devil Wears Prada talk, but when it comes right down to it, I’m not spending $800 on a purse until I get my invite to Oprah’s book club. And then I’ll have to buy one of those houses in Nicaragua too, to feel a touch more balanced. Because really, philanthropists who wear Jimmy Choo’s aren’t horrible people. They are just well dressed, generous people. Right?


P.S. If you are looking for a Phoenix gal who actually has written and sold a book, Martha’s got an ISBN number. I can only imagine the awesome Italian food and fountain of booze at her signing party.

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  1. Wow–congratulations! That is huge! I bought a Louis Vuitton once. I justified it by saying it would last a long time since it was so well made. I was wrong, and it wasn’t special at all. So now I got the designer bug out of my system. I like to buy special items when I travel. I buy local music, and I’ll buy something that will last. I bought a leather backpack in Puerto Vallarta that I loved. It would have lasted forever had I not forgotten it on the top of my car and dropped it on the freeway. Oopsie. I had it repaired at a leather shop, but I still need to replace the brass hardware. So go for treating yourself, but I suggest a good trip somewhere instead :). But if you want a bag, well, you deserve one if that will make you smile.

  2. I’m pulling out my bottle of vodka/peach schnapps from my freezer right now & toasting you!! Congrats on your novel! That’s fantastic.

    By the way, I love your choices for purses. At the moment I happen to be very fond of Michael Kors 🙂

  3. Wonderful news on finishing your book! That’s hard work. I think a reward is in order. I like the Coach. I don’t see anything wrong with the balance you’ve got. Think about Oprah. She is one who is very philanthropic but also appreciates the finer things and her ability to have them. As is so often true these days, O has set the bar. Enjoy your success!

  4. Um, I haven’t even finished reading this post but I can’t get over that you summed up finishing your novel IN ONE SENTENCE!!!

  5. Okay – I’m back. MICHAEL KORS is my vote.
    Congratulations on your novel! That is so fabulous! You must be so psyched/relieved to have it finished. Please keep us informed of the status.

    As for balanced…honey, you are one of the most balanced people I’ve been able to “meet.” Your philanthropy work is admirable and quite an achievement. Treat yourself and enjoy.

  6. I think I’m out of the loop on this novel biz. Sounds wonderful though! I think I’d opt for a purse at Ross…maybe a nice Nine West or Guess bag for under $30!

  7. Congrats! I can’t wait to see it in print with your photo on the jacket! I like the Coach, but then I share your obsession…

  8. The world is full of people who start things, but the list gets much shorter when you limit it to those who *finish*. Now you belong on at least two of those lists. Congratulations!

  9. Hey, you don’t have to justify a new purse to me. I love a new bag. And in my closet, designers hang right next to Target finds right next to handmades right next to childhood backpacks with my maiden initials on them right next to expedition packs. To me, Prada, NorthFace, MDZ Designs and no names are good friends.

    Oprah can bite me. Her opinions mean nothing about the quality of literature. I’m confident that your book will soar well beyond the limitations of such a woman and her book club.

    MUCH congrats, Donk. You are an inspiration.

  10. Congratulations on finishing!!! You should buy one of those purses just for the heck of it. I loved them all, very hard decision.

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