{H4} Dog Cookies

December 16th

Nelson wanted to get into the spirit this year, whipping up some easy dog cookies for his friends in the neighborhood:

H4: Peanut butter dog treats

His peanut butter dog treat recipe was super simple to bake.

H4: Peanut butter dog treats

He even stamped them with a tiny paw stamp — although it isn’t so easy to see.

H4: Peanut butter dog treats

H4: Peanut butter dog treats

I’m pretty sure his friends next door would have preferred tiny barrels of bourbon in this chilly weather. Next year.

Love of my life

When he isn’t chasing squirrels (who could just hibernate already. Please.), sniffing butts at the park, or being attacked by mean dogs with stupid owners, he’s watching me run around like a Christmas crafting maniac baking.


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10 Responses

  1. Nelson is such a giver! Good boy!

  2. Maria Paz December 16, 2011

    Nelson is the cutest dog ever, they way he looks at you when you are taking a picture is sooo sweet. Merry Christmas!

  3. Stamping cookies with a paw print, how cute! You are so clever and have such a huge heart filled with compassion and generosity.

  4. Harry wishes he was Nelson’s neighbor! Looks like I’ll have to make him some PB treats now. Thanks for sharing the recipe. 🙂

  5. Willie Nelson Mandela’s grandmommy, Big Mamma, wants to know who’s quilt he is snuggling in, in his latest darn darling picture. THAT IS NOT A QUILT HIS BIG MAMMA made!!!! what the hell? That little two timing granddoggie……..

  6. I made the same treats for my boys but after tasting them I thought they were a little bland so I basted them in beef broth (yes, I am an over-achiever) and they were very pleased with the results! (I didn’t taste that batch but their enthusiasm spoke volumes!)

    Fun to read a fellow Coloradoan’s blog… maybe I’ll run into you at the Fancy Tiger sometime! 🙂

  7. Every once and a while I see a picture of Nelson that makes me wonder if he’s a real dog 🙂



    Have a good one, you two.

  9. No package arrived to your home that you know of?

  10. Maria Paz December 27, 2011

    missing your posts!