{H4} Fail

December 10th

Look, I’m only human. I make decisions sometimes that can only be explained by an overdose of Christmas spirit and a lack of common sense. And oh, my new venti espresso early morning habit isn’t doing a thing to improve either — I just do them faster. Such results can be great (see sweater knitting progress) or horrifically, hilariously bad.

H4: Fail

Case in point. This morning I was outside spray painting at 8 am. What would I be tagging, especially so early? Wearing tennis shoes and my pajamas? In the snow? Salsa lids. Logically. 

H4: Fail

Lessons learned: spray paint and snow don’t mix. Dogs like to drag off spray painted projects into the snow and bury them, which can be a total bitch to find without a metal detector. Lavender bath salts in a salsa jar is an absurd idea. Not even cute ribbon can make this spicy project tolerable.

Total fail.

Then again, ability to crack myself up at how bad things can end up? For certain.

Fear not Grinches! I have other ideas up my little jammie sleeve. Onward!


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9 Responses

  1. Haha, very funny Kelli, this made me laugh! I’ve had ideas that were amazing in my head and after putting in a bunch of work I look at the ‘finished’ product and I’m just like “wow, that just sucks…” The idea you had here is great, and i prefer ‘medium’ salsa, so it’s not a total fail.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Andy

  2. It happens to the best of us! Craft on, friend.

  3. Yeah, I hear ya. I’ve had my “Well, that will look good in the trash…” moments myself.

  4. Thanks for sharing, now the rest of us don’t feel so alone. How have I missed photos of the sweater?

    I’ve switched to saving almond butter jars from TJ’s for reusing. They leave no odor and the lids are gold with no lettering.

  5. I often learn the most from my failures.

    Yeah, salsa jars are tough to reuse even in glass because retains the spice.

  6. oh gosh. I’m laughing so hard. I can totally imagine you in PJs and armed with spray paint. Girl, you are a trooper.

  7. I have a better idea to keep you from spray painting in your PJs. I made bath salts and sugar scrubs too, and bought some ball jelly jars, some cheap fabric to cover the lids and then used the screw part to keep the fabric on. And my dogs couldn’t hide anything in the snow 🙂 You should have photographed yourself out there for our enjoyment 🙂 Happy Holidays Kelli!

  8. Ah, but I love your spirit! Yes, I’ve definitely had those projects, ones where you just keep pushing through — as though that one final *touch* is going to transform it — and finally cut your losses by tossing it. Gotta know when to say when….

  9. I’ve been having a long run of craft failures. The ruffled scarf that looked like something you would pull out of a dryer vent. The ricotta pasta that was bland and boring. So thanks for sharing one of your failure as well. It’s worth it when one works, isn’t it?