January 16th

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

When I added Seams to Me to my Christmas list, a friend-via-blogging named Flo — who lives in Japan — immediately emailed and offered to send me her copy. She did so, and I’ve been truly enjoying this book (and her act of kindness) since.

The Taxi Tote is my first project. January is a purse pattern review month around here, and for this second bag I must say — the size is perfect.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

It is exactly the right shape and size for an everyday purse. I love a big everyday bag. I carry a ridiculous number of things with me to work — address book, journal, book of the week, magazines, to-do manila file folder, etc. This bag would be Golidlocks-right in size.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

That said? The bias tape is a bitch. A complete and total, hormonal, raging bitch. I do not like working with this stuff at all. Even if it produces a nice edge.

Craptastic bias sewing skills

My edges are so far from perfect because I got to the point where I just wanted to have this thing finished.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

Yet, you only get better with practice. This bag was made for someone in mind. I may just start over to make myself a spring tote.

Overall review: 4 out of 5 bananas. Clear instructions, interesting pattern, craptastic bias tape required.


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25 Responses

  1. Amazing Girl, you make me laugh! Love the bag (‘craptastic bias tape’ included). 🙂

  2. Your taxi tote looks great. Yep, bias tape can be a total pain, but I love how it looks. Many times I have given up with my machine and hand stitched instead. Even with the bias tape, this one is on my to do list.

  3. My copy of Seams to Me arrived in today’s mail, and I had my eye on that pattern as a good starting point. 🙂

  4. Looks good so far!

  5. Great bag, enjoy and thanks for sharing your creativity!

  6. Nice. I think it looks great!

  7. It’s super cute! Bias tape though– scary stuff.

  8. Well I like it. I don’t care how the edges look.

  9. I think it looks great!
    How are you sewing the tape on?

  10. What a lovely and generous gift from your friend Flo. Your bag looks great and will be handy for all those things you like to carry. And practice does help with pesky challenges like bias tape. It challenges me but I do like the tidy way it looks when done. Like Colleen, I think it’s sometimes better just to hand-stitch than fight the project on your machine.

    And I like your great New Balance running shoes. I just got a new pair, too, as recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. I’m using mine for my walking program. The only running I can do is to the bathroom.

  11. Nice fabrics you choose, but can I give my two pences? I’d rather the handle a little longer, I think it will be more suitable to hold on the shoulder…..

  12. Nice bag! I love the colors. When working with bias tape, I usually use two steps to sew it on. I machine stitch the first time, and then, fold it over and hand stitch the back down. It is a challenge for me to get both edges in one pass through the sewing machine.

  13. Beautiful! I had that on my Christmas list too! DIdn’t get but got the money to buy it. SO excited! Can’t wait till it arrives. Love the fabrics you chose.

  14. Love the bag, even if the bias tape isn’t sewn on in the manner you had hoped it would be. It looks beautiful to me. Love the colors as well. It amazes me how you pump out these things! It takes me as long to thread my machine as it does for you to sew a bag!

  15. It’s cute! I really like the fabric choice. I’ve also been meaning to ask you, where did you get your labels made? They look nice.

  16. Ooh I love this bag! I’ll have to try making one! But I agree, bias tape is a total pain, I can never get it come out right!

  17. Ooh, super cute! I love the style of the bag!

  18. I bought Seams to Me for my daughter after your suggestion, but didn’t get it in the mail to her in time for Christmas. Maybe a Valentine’s package. Maybe I will sneak a peek at a pattern myself before sending it. Looks like you are on a bag roll.

  19. Kelli, on a completely unrelated note–love your top! WHere’d you get it?

  20. Tina in Duluth January 17, 2009

    Maybe you should have tried my pattern!:)

  21. I really hate bias tape too. Somewhere I have a partially finished little girl outfit that I gave up on at the bias tape point.

  22. Very cute. I need to try this one. I checked it out from the library and ever since it’s been sitting on my sewing table calling to me.

  23. I hated bias tape a lot, too, until I watched Angry Chicken’s short video tutorial and went OH!

    Right. Yes. It helped.

  24. Stop reading if you are sick of bias tape suggestions……. I used a lot of double fold bias tape on aprons this Christmas. The double fold variety has one fold ever-so-slightly longer than the other fold. Put the shorter fold on the outside where you are sewing and the longer fold on the inside and stitching is (almost) sure to catch it. I like your bag and will check out the Seams to Me.

  25. Great bag. Love the size (and the color!). I’m hoping that I’ll make my first bag this year!