Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

When I added Seams to Me to my Christmas list, a friend-via-blogging named Flo — who lives in Japan — immediately emailed and offered to send me her copy. She did so, and I’ve been truly enjoying this book (and her act of kindness) since.

The Taxi Tote is my first project. January is a purse pattern review month around here, and for this second bag I must say — the size is perfect.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

It is exactly the right shape and size for an everyday purse. I love a big everyday bag. I carry a ridiculous number of things with me to work — address book, journal, book of the week, magazines, to-do manila file folder, etc. This bag would be Golidlocks-right in size.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

That said? The bias tape is a bitch. A complete and total, hormonal, raging bitch. I do not like working with this stuff at all. Even if it produces a nice edge.

Craptastic bias sewing skills

My edges are so far from perfect because I got to the point where I just wanted to have this thing finished.

Seams to Me: Taxi Tote

Yet, you only get better with practice. This bag was made for someone in mind. I may just start over to make myself a spring tote.

Overall review: 4 out of 5 bananas. Clear instructions, interesting pattern, craptastic bias tape required.