Handmade Happiness

Lots to smile about


Rushing off to Etsy

Rushing off to see if Tina has more in her Etsy shop. She recently sent me this beautiful scarf and I bought another for an upcoming birthday gift. I love the splash of color, the soft yarn and rocking the handmade.


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  1. Love the scarf and how cute is my nephew? Henny and I are dying to hear about how dog-looking went; where is the update? Wubbin!


  2. I love the color.

    Here’s a URL I just had to share with you. It’s a video about how to make a cute handbag out of an old discarded hard cover book. The hard cover becomes the outside of the purse. It’s really unique and a great way to recycle.



    mothering media

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    How To Make a Handbag Out of a Recycled Book

    Wanna make your own handbag? Find out how to make hip bags from retro books. Our local YMCA ThriftShop is always getting rid of unsold books.

  3. Hi Kelli,
    Your are truly an inspiration. Your previous entries have gotten my creative juices flowing. I have started crossing stiching again-for a Christmas present for 2009. I am also reading The Three Junes. Great suggestion by the way. And am looking into a beginners knitting class at a local store. I hope to hear from you soon! Great scarf-goes with everything! Happy New Year!!

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