Happy? Check.

September 18th

I am home from Colorado and loving life. Remember my list? My silly, pent-up, can’t-relax-to-go-on-vacation list?
Yep. I went on vacay and accomplished my goals, minus the discipline part. My running shoes remained in the suitcase and a margarita remained in my hand for most of four days. I needed a break from work and the heat; mission accomplished. My swim this morning felt great and refreshing. I can’t wait to ride this afternoon.

That list, in photos:

baby bolero, front

A lime green baby bolero from One Skein completed and delivered to my newest favorite baby on earth: Jonas Finn.

Baby Jonas in his sling

Jonas and his proud mama, Min.

one proud auntie

I am in love.

tiny feet

Seriously. Could he be any cuter? (said in my best Chandler Bing voice.)

Then there were the swaps:

big bag for mama, wee bags for the girls

I’m not showing much of this one yet, but I participated in Heidi’s back to school swap. My partner lives in Australia, hence the summery print. And has three little girls. Big bag for mama, little ones for the wees. Stuffed and shipped and it only cost, ahem, $43 to mail. Yikes.

swing bag in neutrals

Another swing bag for a friend who made a request. I love this pattern in canvas.

There was also plenty of reading (I just finished The Binding Chair. Three out of five stars. I had no idea where the Chinese tradition of binding feet came from and it is a bit shocking!), stretching, cheering for the Broncos and playing dice. A few fun photos of family and Colorado to cap off a perfect vacation:

breck, pre-snow

The view from our patio, pre-snow.

what I think heaven will look like

Two days later, snow-capped peaks.

The Donley clan, minus the mama

Our clan, minus one very unhappy-to-be-in-Texas-without-her-family mama.

Cody, best

My brother Cody and his new puppy Raja.

A wonderful weekend indeed. I hope you are also feeling at peace!

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24 Responses

  1. Happy – YAY!!!!

    So glad you got to unwind and recharge – sounds like a wonderful four days (I’m still dreaming of four days of margaritas!) Such nice pictures, too…

    although – my jaw dropped a LOT when I read $43 to ship to Australia! That’s a real shock to my totally frugal self…

  2. what an adorable bolero….you made that? it is precious. was it easy? i would love to knit.

    great bags kelli….wow $43 for shipping….well australia is far. very far.

    oh so sweet little baby….they are the best….a specious all by themselves….too cute.

    nice family get away. good for you.

    margaritas for almost four days….you should be nice and mellow.

  3. Glad the weekend was a success! Sweet baby.

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun. The scenery looks beautiful.

  5. Tell me about it. Everytime I ship a birthday, christmas or other present home, I think all the money I spend on postage, I could fly home.

    Glad to see you relaxing, you deserve it.

    Which pattern did you use for the Aussie bag? Love the fabric too.

  6. What wonderful adventures you’ve been having–I am so tickled for you. The new baby is so beautiful and I’m so impressed with your knitted bolero gift. Wonderful swap packages were created, a good book was read, and family adventures were enjoyed–my, my, I feel like a slug compared to you.

    I’m so glad you’re back–I missed you.

  7. So glad you are back – and also glad your weekend was wonderful.

    Great pics of Colorado… I promise, I WILL get there soon! I totally miss it.

  8. What great bags and to Australia no less. Wish it was me. Isn’t postage a bummer. That is the reason I have had to ease up on swaps. Just too expensive.
    The Colorado pics are amazing. Love the two photos of the mountain top without then with snow.

  9. Yay, go Broncos! Glad that you had a nice time here and the weather held up for you. We’ll catch up next time!

  10. what a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!

  11. Such a *cute* little Jonas! And the knitted bolero is lovely. I am really, really tempted to start to learn how to knit. Yarn is just so tempting…
    Your package is en route, so look out for it :o)

  12. Guess what i love best about your weekend? The baby in a PERFECT sling!

  13. Great photos! I love Colorado! You have a family member that lives in Texas? We will be moving there October 4th!!

  14. Great job on the bolero. I’m glad you enjoyed your margaritas. It’s nice to take a break once in a while. Very good for your quality of life. That puppy looks just like one of my dogs.

  15. Ah, that baby makes me tired…just looking!

    Love the bags…only $43???

    I bet your Mom was VERY unhappy.

  16. Ahhh, Colorado. My best friend lives there and I loved to visit her in the fall. Glad you had a relaxing time!

  17. Great job on the bolero. And that little cute boy is just that, the cutest on the planet. And his foot…..I have this thing you know, with babies’ feet, I just love them! Nice pics, thanks for sharing, but……$43 for shipping those bags??????? I’ll never complain again about italian mail, I swear!

  18. sounds amazing kelli!!! love watching the snow as it caps the mountains and then slowly moves closer as winter approaches. don’t see much of that in kansas!!! but i remember it well.

  19. Hi Kelli–glad you are feeling happy. It’s the best way to be! Your trip sounds so lovely.

  20. Sounds like you had a great trip! Everyone needs some relaxation now and then.

  21. That bolero is cute – how long did it take you? I have passed over it a bunch of times in the book expecting that it’d take too long. Was that eyelet in the back hard? Cute pics of the fam – your brother’s dog is so cute! What kind of pup? How old?

  22. 3 Super-cute B’s: bolero, baby, bags!
    Bless you for sending that all the way to Australia and forking out the $$$$. Sheesh! I’d heard international shipping went up, but wow!

    Sounds like you had some much needed R & R.

  23. No wonder you’re in love… aaaahhhh I would be too. He will look so adorable in his new bolero. You are truly radiant on that pict…

    The picts are quite breathtaking but I must say my FAV is the one with your bro and his new puppy Raja.
    So cute! 😉

    Can I tell you that your friend is quite lucky to have received such a beautiful bag!!!! How kind of you…


    Has anybody told you lately that you are a remarkable human being… truly special…

  24. Boy, that is one cute kid 😉