Happy Healthy Everyday

June 28th

Hey wait! It's my birthday too!

My friend Colleen trekked to Golden last week to celebrate her birthday too. We hiked, shopped, lounged and talked each other’s ears off. It was a nice visit, mostly because she is an incredibly patient woman.

{Crafters, you may remember her from here.}

We are having a bit of heat wave in Colorado at the moment. It’s some 20 degrees warmer than it should be, plus massive forest fires. The air is thick and everyone is pretty miserable. To say it was uncomfortable in my home even at 3 am is an understatement. It simply wouldn’t cool off. Thankfully Colleen made the best of it — icy drinks, ice cream, cold showers, frozen wash cloths.

Colleen recently started her own health coaching site and business. She’s a smart lady and has a lot to share.

Happy birthday, C! Hope this hear is your happiest and healthiest yet.



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