Hawaii N-O

Kahlua Coconut Cupcakes for Sloshball

I’ve been playing in a weekend co-ed kickball league. The game is sloshball, meaning each team gets a full keg to finish during five meager innings. There are two rules to sloshball:

1. You must always have a league cup in your hand including some liquid, and

2. You cannot be a jerk. Competitive, drunk, take your version thereof. No jerks.

As a non-beer drinker, I’m there for the fun. And fun, it is. This is such a rowdy crowd of 20 and 30 somethings. Our team captain decided last week each game will now have a costume element too. This week’s theme is “hawaiian,” code for the men want the women to play in bikinis. I’m no prude, but running bases in a bikini, holding a cup of beer, isn’t at the top of my bucket list.

Kahlua Coconut Cupcakes for Sloshball

Kahlua Coconut Cupcakes for Sloshball

In lieu of being leid, I’m attending another party. In my place, I sent treats: kahlua buttercream chocolate coconut cupcakes.

Kahlua Coconut Cupcakes for Sloshball

So much sweeter than my flesh on public display.


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  1. It is just not RIGHT to picture delicious, kahlua and coconut buttercream-laden chocolate cupcakes and the thought of running in a bikini in the same post–like wearing tight clothing to Thanksgiving dinner……

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