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January 22nd

Healthy dinner

It was Finny who taught me that if you roast your squash with the seeds in tact, the flesh will be sweeter. Sure enough. We’ve been eating a lot of these stuffed acorn squash. They are easy to prep and versatile. This week, I made them with spicy fava beans and brown rice. (And what isn’t better with a dash of sriracha?)


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4 Responses

  1. With the seeds INSIDE?! You guys just blew my mind. Sweeter … and probably more moist, too, right? Now I’ve gotta try that. SOON!

  2. Do you cut it in half and roast it with seeds in or do you puncture it and roast it with seeds in?
    Sounds yummy!

  3. I never knew that either! Thanks Finny!

  4. And you already knew the other secret ingredient to great squash (and most food) – HOT SAUCE 🙂 Sriracha, Tapatio, Frank’s, Chipotle Tabasco…depends on the dish, but always HOT SAUCE.