Heirloom Eats: Part 2

October 3rd

Ellen asked for those recipes I make all the time. (Thank YOU for all of your amazing suggestions. I’m going to cook and review one a week. Stay tuned.)

Those magical 8 standards in our kitchen:

Mexican meatloaf

Mexican meatloaf

Chicken Enchiladas


Shepherd’s Pie

shepherd's pie

Trupti‘s Chicken Curry

Sunday dinner

16 Hour pulled pork

march 27 015

Turkey pot pie

chicken pot pie with biscuits -- CAOK for a sick friend

Turkey meatballs with yogurt sauce

High Five Meatball Soup

Juliann’s risotto

April cooking


Mmmm… mushroom risotto. That is my ultimate comfort food!
Enjoy friends!


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pulled pork
Shepherd's Pie
Chicken Enchiladas
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4 Responses

  1. Yay, recipes! I’ve made your Mexican meatloaf a few times, and it’s fabulous. (Thanks for the reminder. I’ll be making it again this fall.) I’ll have to try these other recipes!! 🙂

  2. Wait…is this Karol’s meatloaf recipe with the chilis in it? Because if it is THIS IS SO ON.

    I still remember the first time I ate it at your mom’s in PHX and it was 100 degrees outside and it seemed weird to be eating meatloaf but it was so good that WHO CARES.

  3. One word…YUM!