Heirloom Hacienda Happenings

February 2016

We are wrapping up marmalade season at our house. I made more than 120 jars, some setting up much nicer than others. By the last batch, I could tell by the color of the jam when it was done. I’m looking forward to giving these away as the year goes by — a bit of canned Arizona spring sunshine.

February 2016

This week was Jason’s birthday. He eats so few sweets, but loves a small slice of key lime pie. Luckily, I like a large slice, as do the kids.

February 2016

Are you making bone broth? I feel like I go on and on about how easy this is and how quickly it ups your cooking game. It also makes the house smell comfy cozy when it is cooking. Broth is easily stored in mason jars in the freezer (only 2/3rds full or the glass will break) and then you have your own for soups, rice, etc. I like to make ours spicy — with cayenne and tumeric.


February 2016

And I’m finally knitting another Abalone sweater. I hurt my back this week and spent several days on the couch. I got this project started and finished the last season of Mad Men. It’s been a long time since I watched an entire show, and I will miss these characters. (I still think of the Soprano family from time to time too. And of course wonder how my buddy Leslie Knope is doing in DC.)

What is cooking in your part of the world?


3 Replies to “Heirloom Hacienda Happenings”

  1. Yum. Everything sounds so delicious. I love cooking for myself or guests that come to my home, but find it soo difficult when dropping a meal off for a new baby or someone really sick. Any advice? I think I overanalyze if they will like the food, and then the timing of getting things finished and driven over just put me on stress overload. Definitely not my strongest attribute. Any advice?

  2. Cooking and crafting (along with hiking) are my sanity. I’ll try anything that looks interesting. Funny you should mention bone broth, I have beef bones in my freezer from the butcher to make bone broth. I like making pickles and Jelly and tomato sauce or whatever strikes my fancy. My job is technical and I need the creative outlet.

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