Heirloom Homestead Handmade Holidays {H4}

December 2nd

Say that 5 times fast! A sneak peek at a couple projects underway at the ranch. Or homestead. Or suburban house I wish was a wee farm:

Velvet pulls

slippers after

Pull scarf

Recipes, knitting and sewing patterns and traditions I find meaningful — all on the pending schedule for H4. Still working on a few PDFs I plan to post in the next week. If you’d like some easy gift ideas, both of the craft and food varities, check out Handmade Holidays of years past. {Here is a checklist. And here are a few fun ideas.}



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4 Responses

  1. Look at you!

  2. Those slippers are darling!

  3. It seems you keep yourself very busy….. and talented as always.

  4. CUTE! Particularly with the red ribbon on the backs. So crafty, you.