A True Heroine

I’ve had amazing women guide my life, and my grandmother is at the top of the list. She’s a heroine for a dozen reasons, but this week namely for taking such good care of these characters:

And the old men sleep...

Pap sleeps

My great-uncle John and grandfather, respectively.  We came home from a fabulous errand to Native Seeds to find them “rooting” for the Wildcats. Probably not a bad idea they fell asleep — the Devils ate the Wildcats for lunch.

Grandma Max & Pap

My grandparents have always been some of my biggest supporters. They arranged my study-abroad in high school. They’ve attended my graduations and my grandmother is one heck of a pen-pal. You wouldn’t believe how many letters she sent me in Cameroon. They want the best for me and while we don’t always agree on what that looks like, I know fundamentally they want my happiness.

Plus, how sweet is my grannie? I just want to pinch her cheeks in this photo! Love that woman more than I can express.