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September 1st

August Crafting

August Crafting

August Crafting

August Crafting


I’m a sucker for that stack of new crafting books at any retail store. Even though most have the same ideas recreated with the latest cute fabrics, there are times a new project grabs me. I’ve never sewn applique, or used a dresden plate. So, when I saw a pattern for this pillow and have a friend who is soon going on Wheel of Fortune, I knew the combination was perfect.

I’d learn something new and be able to give a ridiculous good luck gift.

The pillow is still in process. See how that circle is a bit wonky? I need to work on the template. And I’m going to sew a zipper along one edge to hold in the pillow. I have wanted to do quilted pillows for a while. Log cabins, etc. I think a quilted pillow is a charming gift — something you can easily tailor to the recipient. And one quirky pillow on a couch or chair adds a pop of color and a story.


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6 Responses

  1. Karel Donley September 1, 2015

    Wonderful pillow, Kelli. The recipient will be thrilled!

  2. ross altenbaugh September 1, 2015


  3. It is wonderful!

  4. The dark background takes it from granny to grand! 🙂

  5. Awesome! And I hope you visit your library for those craft books…you can “try” before you buy! 😀

  6. Beautiful! Love the fabrics Kelli!