Hiking Yoga + the Art of Procrastination

April 18th

Phoenix in all her glory

I am dragging my feet this morning. I have a stack of paperwork to conquer to figure out how to get transform these lovely people legally into my lovely tenants.  Can’t I just call someone to come over and figure all of this out for me? I made a “husband on retainer” joke at brunch yesterday to hear an earful from girlfriends that their husbands would be procrastinating too and I should really reconsider my notions of marriage. Apparently, figuring out contracts and negotiating isn’t at the top of fun list for anyone.

And of course there is the packing. And the consulting gig I start this morning full time. So, logically I’m sipping coffee at a cafe, reading the news and blogging. And reviewing the photos of all the fun things I did do this weekend — like hiking yoga with the girls.

The Girls

We did this once before after purchasing a Groupon this winter. Last time we took a class at South Mountain. This weekend we hiked at Dreamy Draw. The first class was gentle, rolling hiking and yoga. Yesterday was bootcamp by comparison. Our teacher was on fire — running back and forth on the trail telling us to “swing our arms” and “push it ladies!” It was a nice change and we were a sweaty mess by the end. (What a contrast from the snowball fight the week prior.)

With Phoenix in the background

My new Monday morning routine: review weekend photos, wish I was on the trail with friends, smile at this charmed life, say a prayer of thanksgiving, pour another cup of coffee.


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5 Responses

  1. MY monday morning: dealing with tax forms, answering dozens of phone calls, figuring out how to survive till the end of the week……

  2. Ooh … ooh! Can we do that in CO when I come to visit — the hike/yoga thing? And I would loan you my husband because he’s really disciplined at getting difficult bureaucratic stuff done (like taxes) but I don’t think he’d be much good from SD 😉

  3. That first picture is pretty amazing…

  4. I get that line about the husbands all the time. Apparently they aren’t always all they are cracked up to be, but then neither I am! 😉 I still think it would be fun to have one around!
    Your Monday morning routine sounds lovely when mine consisted of putting out fires, listening to complaints, and trying to sneak in a cup of tea. Hiking/yoga is added to the list of cool things to try!

  5. Kelli,

    What do you need help with in regards to renting your house? I have had mine rented for about a year now… so I may be able to help.