Hippie Leafy Button Scarf

January 21st

why do you look so bummed, faux fur girl

Why do you look so bummed out, faux fur girl? Is that because you are wrapped in scratchy fake animal skin?

book for fin and donk sewing adventure

You should cheer up. You are the first model featured in this fabulous sewing book — you know, the book we’ve selected for our 2008 Finny and Donk Sewing Adventure.

Project #1

That’s right! The button scarf is our first project. Good thing too, because I cannot for the life of me get my buttonhole maker to work on my machine and this gives me the perfect opportunity to learn how to do it by hand.

embroidered leaf

When I was searching this weekend for a pretty set of fabrics for this fun project, I came upon a giant bolt of silk with this gorgeous green leaf pattern. I wasn’t sure it would work, but when paired with chocolate brown corduroy, I fell head over heels.

wood toggle button

I embroidered one of the leaves, added a toggle button and pulled out my new labels. R. Draper Label company in Australia is so fantastic. I placed an order with them in November, which arrived promptly.

New fabulous labels

Then two weeks ago I received another order. I contacted them about this and told them there had been a mistake — I received another set of labels without paying for them. I liked them and was willing to send the cash. They said there had been a mistake made when they created the first set and they didn’t want to throw these away. They were a gift. Love you R. Draper. Thank you!

leafy wrap

Voila — button scarf completed. I made two and have great plans for them.

casual saturday afternoon

One is off to a charity auction, the other is being sent to a hippie friend who had a birthday quickly approaching. And yes, faux fur girl, I’d be bummed too if I was was wrapped in synthetics when I could have had leafy silk.


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31 Responses

  1. This scarf looks like something you would find at Nordy’s. Very pretty Kelli, love it.

  2. Well kelli, you have the ideas, you have the skills, you have the tools, now you have brand new labels….. why you don’t hit the market? I’m sure you would find lots of enthusiastic customers!

  3. Fabulous! I really wasn’t sure what to think about that scarf when I first saw it in the book, but now that you and June have completed yours, I think I’m loving button scarves! I agree with your mom about it looking like something you would find in a high end retailer. Great job.

  4. Very cute!!!

    Love it NOT in fake fur.

  5. I love it! I looked at that project and loved it right away for it’s possibilities. I am going out searching for some vintage fabrics next Sunday. I think there will be several women getting these for birthday/Christmas next year!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Love the scarf!

  8. That looks fabulous! The leaf print reminds me of my friend Tere’s bedroom in India – and that is such a good thing. I’m all ready to start my button scarf – and it is cold as can be here – I’m still waiting for my book to arrive.

  9. Gorgeous!

    (and the scarf’s not bad either! 🙂 )


  10. The scarf looks great Kelli! I love that you mixed silk and corduroy.

    I have two sets of fabric picked out, but I can’t find a button I like. The search will go on! 🙂

  11. Your scarf is so fantastic, Kelli–I’m really loving it. The embroidery is a superb detail and the button is perfect with the print design. I wasn’t at all sure about this first project due to the faux fur thing but, like you, now I’m enjoying it and seeing the possibilities. More will be made using this pattern.

    By the way, I finally settled on my own item idea for the upcoming auction and will start it tonight.

  12. I think you just sold a book. 😉 Saw the scarf – and the book – and had to order it.. Your scarf looks incredible!

  13. Your scarf is beautiful! The corduroy was such a good idea. I just ordered a button from etsy, so hopefully it will work with my idea!

  14. That is a very pretty scarf indeed! Our furry friend there wouldn’t be able to help looking a little more tuned in if she had this leafy beauty around her neck. 😉

  15. what a beautiful scarf kelli! i love the fabrics you chose…and the embroidery adds so much. also, i love the earrings you’re wearing in that picture! 🙂

  16. I love the leaves and the corduroy, and the button is perfect! Nicely done, Kelli!

  17. That looks really great, a nice fabric combo and great idea to add a little embroidery. Super cute earrings, too.

  18. It turned out great Kelli! I’m with you on the faux fur. I’m about to post mine now. Whoohoo. I love the idea for the charity auction too!

  19. So very stylish and I just love the fabric with that button! Well done! 🙂

  20. That is so cool! I loooove how it looks, very style-y. :o)

  21. The button is supposed to look like a bug, right?

  22. truly beautiful! great fabric choice. I can’t believe you are getting your labels from good old “down under” when you live here it seems that everything has to come from America or the UK so to see an American ordering from here is such a change!

  23. That is a cool scarf!! Where did you get your labels made?

  24. I have a little something for you from Mexico!

  25. gary moore January 21, 2008


    I’m envious. All we (Einstein’s) ever get to see you in is wet hair(swimming) and sweats. The button scarf is fabulous. The leaf pattern really shows you off girl!
    I agree with Gracie. What’s stopping you from becoming a designer? You certainly have the gift for eye stopping material. Get out there and sell!

    Gary the Retiree

  26. Awesome fabric. I like how you embroidered the leaf.

  27. That is awesome! Nice work with the cord! And, you embroidered, too? Such an overachiever.

    I didn’t find a cord I liked while I was out, so I turned mine into a recycling project to be featured soon.

    I’m just glad these scarves are working out, because I think people were hating on this project at first…

  28. Great scarf! And I love those earrings you are wearing too!

  29. Thats looks fantastic, such a great idea!!!

  30. Looking good!