Hippity Hop for the Peeps

Bunny cards
That time of year again
Cut out bunnies

Flowers are blooming, bunnies are prepping for a busy weekend of egg-hiding, and I’m sending out lots of CAOK correspondence to celebrate all things Spring. If you were to receive an Easter basket, what would you want included? (I may be considering party treats for community dinner participants this week, so think small and economic.)

Hope your week is going well Peeps,

P.S. Peeps (the candy) gross me out. So do Cadbury Eggs. Ew. What is that sticky center all about anyway? Anyone else totally repulsed by the idea of eating fake egg yolks? My favorite Easter sweet, hands down, is malt balls. Whenever I have anything with malt (which is best in small quantities, such as one plastic egg-full), it reminds me of Easter egg hunts with my brother around our childhood home’s backyard. We ate way too much candy in the yard before racing back inside to have sick stomachs at the brunch table, because nothing says resurrection of the Savior like a giant bunny leaving mystery candies in the yard. Right Santa?

P.P.S. Thanks again Barbara for the new stamps!

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  1. Cute cards. I love Peeps. One Cadbury Egg was enough (when they first came out). Love the new Strawberry Malted milk balls, too.

    And give me a good old fashioned malt over a milkshake anyday, hands down.

  2. We never had peeps – Mom doesn’t like marshmallows (can you imagine!). Cadbury’s was unknown till high school, and then I always thought they tasted weird, too. I like the little chocolate eggs, and jelly beans.

    My grown-up tastes for Easter baskets lean more toward paper products (note pads, post-its) but those aren’t real economical. Do you have a bulk party store nearby? The nickel bins of party favors are always fun – little rubber balls, gold treasure coins, erasers, etc. Good times.

  3. mmmm starburst & jolly ranchers make the best jelly beans- it doesn’t feel like easter/spring until i’ve bought my first bag of their jellybeans.

    and i don’t like regular cadbury eggs but i DO love me some caramel ones- have you ever had those? they’re really good!

    besides candy i would love fun shaped cookies or mini cakes with pretty icing or maybe seeds or something spring/flower-y.

  4. The Cadbury eggs used to freak me out too until I found out the middle is just fondant. But Cadbury makes mini eggs that are a combination of milk chocolate and crackle, they are the only candy that really reminds me of Easter. YUMMY! Another fun idea, if you haven’t already thought of it, which I’m sure you (crafty gal) have is decorate Easter eggs with your community dinner friends. When was the last time, as an adult, that you decorated Easter eggs. Something fun and silly to do! Have fun, can’t wait to see pictures.

  5. Love the cards. We don’t have eggs-hunting down here, I guess it must be funny for the little ones……
    Our Easter tradition is a walnuts and almonds cake, very good.

  6. Peeps are cute to look at. The taste is OK. I like eating one Cadbury Egg a year. That’s do-able. But I absolutely love those green coconut clusters with the 4 little jelly beans in the center. I could eat about 100 of those.

  7. Just give me a chocolate bunny for easter (or chocolate any day for that matter)! My Mom moved away from candy in my basket as I got older and it evolved into a collection of any little thing a girl might need, like nail polish or lotion etc. It was always fun to dig through it and find treasure.

    I saw a cute Easter idea in a magazine. Make rice crispie treats and stuff them into plastic easter eggs. You get cute egg shaped treats. I plan on making them and taking them to work 🙂

  8. I would love a few pieces of fruit (i.e., kiwi, pear, orange) and some Lindt chocolate balls. At Easter, Lindt has some with pastel wrapping. It’s not that economical, but there are Lindt outlet stores and Costco also carries Lindt every now and then. Or, a nice basket could have a single chocolate bunny and a few unpeeled carrot sticks. The basket “grass” can be made by shredding colorful newspaper adds or tissue paper (recycling!).

  9. I hate peeps, they are not good. Cute cards, makes me want to drag out all my stuff and make some too! Hoppy Easter Kelli.

  10. I agree with you on the Cadbury Eggs! Hubby loves them though. We both do like Peeps, but I can’t really eat more than one in a day.

    Adorable cards. I had plans to make Easter cards this year but boy did the holiday sneak up on me! It’s this Sunday!! What?!?

    Sounds like you have some fun planed for CAOK. Most of mine has been making donations to the local thrift shop. Hopefully it will help someone down the road. 🙂

  11. What cute cards, Kelli! I’m not a big candy person so most of the Easter candies don’t appeal to me. I would say that jelly beans would be about the only thing I’d choose. In terms of an inexpensive basket item, I’d suggest cute Spring magnetic notepads that can be used on the refrigerator along with a pretty pencil. You can find the notepads at Michael’s or Target for $1 and the pencils you could probably get in a pack. I buy these seasonally to put on my refrigerator because I can just tear off a sheet to make grocery lists or write other notes to myself.

  12. I H8 Cadbury Eggs x3. I still get Easter baskets from my parents…It’s amazing the Easter Bunny can make it all the way to Arizona from Texas. I love getting little bathroom bubbles and treats.

  13. I love Cadbury eggs, although they totally squick my mom out. This year, I’m totally craving a chocolate bunny for Easter. I haven’t had one in years, and for some reason it just sounds really good this year.

  14. Cadbury Eggs are sooo gross. I’ve actually never had one, but you’re right, they’re just fake egg goo. Gives me the heebies.
    I love the jelly eggs at See’s Candy. I think they’re kind of pricey, but yummy for a once a year treat. I haven’t had any in a few years, maybe I’ll treat myself!!

  15. Happy Easter! Those cards are cute! (Am I the only person who actually likes cadburry eggs?) But, I agree…malted milk balls (or eggs for Easter!) are delish.

  16. I was unaware until yesterday that this Sunday was Easter. Sheesh. Out of touch?

    However, I did stop at Target on the way home for the best Easter treat of all time: Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

    I hate normal eggs, but PB & C eggs are the best.

  17. So where do you purchase all of your blank cards? I am constantly running out of purchased notecards–and would love some blank ones to decorate. 🙂

  18. Hey! One of those cards look familiar. Thank you so much for the CAOK!!! I can’t wait to get sewing. Another package will be on your way soon… with a small delay, check my blog for more details on that.

    Happy First Day of Spring! :o)

  19. what?! essential easter candies creep you out? something is not right. oh no. ok i wouldn’t eat a cadbury egg now, for all the sugar, but i loved them, and the fact that they’re supposed to be eggs, when i was a girl.

  20. Loved your post about the mission—brought back memories of grad school days in Tucson. Also can’t stand peeps or that gooey Cadbury egg (though I love their little solid chocolate ones).
    Wanted to pass on Ali E’s idea of a flower seed packet for your adult Easter baskets. Not expensive and fun to grow wildflowers. Individual microwave popcorn packs are good too—spring has that “exploding” with life feel to it.
    And for a special someone, these are so cute they’re almost worth the price: http://www.spoonsisters.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=46102&Category_Code=1010103&Product_Count=8

  21. You know, I hate malt balls. Peeps is where it is at. But they have to be Peeps that have been left out for a day to get a little hard. I don’t like them that soft-like.

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