Hit and a Miss

You know those days when absolutely nothing seems to fall in your favor? Yeah.

baking 039

baking 037

Two trays of chocolate chip cookies that flopped. I think it was a bad mix.

baking 034

Brownies with a fudge swirl that apparently were pretty sticky too.

baking 040

And lemon bread that I didn’t let cool long enough. Holy Moses, there was some bad baking happening around here tonight. Thankfully, there was a bit of good too:

baking 042

A little brown, but edible lemon muffins.

baking 043

Fat-free pumpkin brownies for my new trainers.

baking 046

Good ole’ full fat brownies that came out okay, plus a dozen peanut butter cookies and two dozen cranberry cinnamon cookies. I am certain I still have enough to make my cookie platters to deliver Friday.

Next time, more patience and PAM.


22 Replies to “Hit and a Miss”

  1. Well at least not all was a failure. I’m sure your trainees learned a thing or two. Hope you enjoyed the bad ones. LOL I’m surrounded by projects left undone! Oh well, at least I get to go caroling and be with friends tomorrow. Hope to see you!

  2. I think Santa needs to bring you some silicone baking liners or some new cookie sheets! Mine are terrible, but I’m a parchment paper freak. Lately I’ve been thinking about the horrible waste of using it and throwing it away and I’ve been looking longingly at the silicone baking sheets. Maybe Santa needs to help me go a little more green so I can get rid of the parchment too and bring me some of those as well..

  3. What a relief! So you’re human after all……God, I feel much better now. I can keep burning my cakes with a light heart knowing you do the same (sometimes).

  4. Hee hee… that reminds me of the time I left the flour out of a batch of cookies. They melted and started dripping out the bottom of the oven!

  5. None of those failed projects have any calories, did you know that? It’s a proven fact.
    I have times like that. I call them my baking slumps. (Unfortunately, I’m more often in one than out.)

  6. if you were a baseball player, you’d still have a really good batting average. I think it’s the only time you can fail more than half the time and be considered good 😉

    those look delicious at least 😉

  7. Hey Kel, this is on my Santa wish list this year. Have you heard this lady on NPR?

    She’s a chemist and has SUCH smart ideas for fixing baking and cooking problems. Like why cookies are too crumbly, or why cookies are flat and don’t plump. She explains it scientifically and gives easy solutions (like sprinkle water on your flour BEFORE you add it to the mix so your cookies aren’t as crumbly).

  8. Well you can’t win them all. Your heart was behind it that’s all that matters.
    It does look like I baked those, especially the cookies!

  9. I don’t know how you do it. I love to bake but I despise the clean-up and making that many things in one go would likely put me in a coma. But maybe what I really need to take from this is that the good of the making and giving, outweighs the bad of the cleaning up. An inspiration as always :). Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009!

  10. I hope reading this doesn’t jinx me tonight. Although I had issue with Eliot’s birthday cake on Saturday – one ran over all over the oven and another one fell apart when I took it out of the pan. Thank god for liberal use of frosting.

  11. Even your cookie and loaf misfits STILL look yummy (pretty is as pretty does, right?–that’s what I always say…especially with baked goodies…which is probably why my bum has its own zip code these days…LOL). 🙂 Hope you have a great day Kelli, and here’s wishing you continued good baking Karma, Amazing Girl!

  12. yeah, these things happen. Remember my two salty lemon pound cakes? Blech.

    At least you did get some good ones from the mix – those brownies look YUM.

  13. After nearly 45 years of baking, trust me, these things happen to me too. The difference, I don’t have the nerve to show them to the world, I just toss. You are overall a good baker…ciao and Merry Christmas

  14. Dude, I screwed up MASHED POTATOES the other night. Who screws up mashed potatoes?!

    Those chocolate chip cookies actually look really good to me. I bet you there’s a market even for your flops.

  15. Oh my gosh, that happened to me right before Thanksgiving! I was making pumpkin bread and it flopped just like your cookies. I replaced the flour and all came out just fine. Weird, eh? But I hadn’t baked or even made pancakes in a while so I’m sure it was several months old.

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