Holy Christmas, Batman

Read, Set, Wrap!

Cute Christmas Topper

Does this look like it took 5 hours?

Cutest Christmas tree ever

Shopping done. Presents wrapped. I’ve got two more small gifts to sew and 1.5 gifts to finish knitting. Oh, and about a dozen loaves of bread to bake, but really? I’m feeling pretty good. Exhausted, but good. Phew.


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  1. Kelli! You super-duper wonderful, wise craft lady! I envy you (in a good friend way, not a desperate housewives way) your almost done-ness. Everything looks so wonderful Kelli–you ROCK, Sister! And the pictures from your meal were beautiful and fun and virtual-deee-licious! I wish I was there to be silly and contribute my off-key froggy voice to the carols with you guys! Still plugging away on this side with my new BFF, the head and chest cold (the prospect of wearing a hospital mask and latex gloves while baking cookies HAS, in fact, occurred to me…giggle). Happy Sunday, my blogging buddy! 🙂

  2. Way to go! I bought & wrapped my last gift today – just one more to finish sewing and 1 more to finish knitting. I’m giving tons of homemade gifts this year, but I started pretty early so it wasn’t too stressful.

  3. Packages look so cute! Love the adornments. Good going on almost being done. I am now just getting bit by the baking bug so think I will be doing that this week. I want to get the second volume of my persoanl cookbook together to give to our daughters under the tree. Last year I completed and gave them volume One.

  4. I always knew you had some super powers! Putting Santa to shame Kelli! Can’t wait to read the posts about the contents of those packages.

  5. These are beautiful gifts! WOW your good at gift wrapping!! My brother is the same way. I wish that I could. The outside of a gift is almost as good as the gift itself. I’m planning to slow down this week and just enjoy! Merry Christmas!

  6. I just love the little sweater and hat! My gifts are all under my tree ready to be delivered….minus the ones for the far away friends (I mailed them some days ago, hoping they’ll arrive just in time).

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