Holy Week Road Trip

I drove to Nogales, Arizona yesterday to work for the day. Although the health project I was there to observe is on both sides of the border, I wasn’t able to cross to Mexico because I forgot my passport. (Such a consummate professional.) Regardless, we wouldn’t have been able to cross because the lines each direction for those walking was three hours and longer if you were going by car. I didn’t have six hours total to observe, much less just that for a silly queue. Needless to say these new passport-for-Mexico-travel rules are slow-going in the effective implementation department. I can only imagine how businesses on both sides of the border are hurting with decreased traffic.
Instead, I spent my time visiting with our health project workers and catching up with the progress we are making in these poor communities. It was an exceptionally fulfilling day professionally.

On the way home, I stopped at the Mission of Tumacacori and the Mission of San Xavier del Bac. First up, San Xavier:

San Xavier Mission is being refurbished
San Xavier, getting a face lift
San Xavier cathedral
The saints inside San Xavier
the last supper, san xavier
sunlight on a saint
bells at San Xavier

This church is everything you’d imagine a Spanish cathedral in the middle of the Arizona desert on an Indian reservation to be. It is starkly beautiful, ornate and mind boggling. It is surrounded by poverty you cannot imagine being “American.” Nonetheless, it is a very pretty building and I am glad we stopped. It was a great place to sit down for a few minutes, collect my thoughts from the day and refuel spiritually during Holy Week.


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  1. Do you have any news on the construction there in the first picture? I don’t remember that scaffolding last time I drove by…

  2. Cathedrals always take my breath away…they’re so majestic, even the humblest little churches make me stop and catch my breath. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The scaffolding at San Xavier will be up for awhile during their remodeling. I’m glad to see they are doing something to preserve this beautiful place.

    I’m so glad you mentioned the long lines at the border as we were talking over the weekend about popping down there soon (it’s only about an hour and a half from our house). There’s no way I want to do so many hours getting across and returning.

  4. Kelli, What a beautiful assortment of experiences you have. I have been reading through for the past hour, those community dinners look like a blast. I live in Boston now but am from Souther AZ, Safford. My mom went to Nogales, last Wednesday. She just parked on the American side then walked across. She said it took 15 min. to get across. The line looked really long (2-3 blocks)but went really fast. Were you planning on crossing in downtown Nogales?
    She said she really thought the new passport thing has really affected business down there. This is usually peak time and it wasn’t crowded at all. Sad.
    I really enjoy your blog…you say what you feal! Keep it up girl, Love Stacy

  5. Wow!! Those photos are beautiful!! I want to go there…I love old Catholic churches and feel strangely at home (not Catholic at all here, or even Christian really).

  6. Hi Kelli! I lose my internet for a few days and look what you have been up to! I’m glad to see you have been doing well. These photos are beautiful. I’d love to take a trip to all the places you have been visiting. You should write a book and call it the Kelli VIP travel guide.

  7. I like so very much to visit churches when abroad, they are so different from the italian ones (even if in Europe the architecture is pretty the same in all countries) and I always find so much peace sitting inside, thinking. And usually they hide so many beautiful art masterpieces.

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