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October 19th


I visited a guest ranch yesterday for a new freelance article I’m writing. Being outside in the cooling fall weather, being around animals, being in the desert — it was a perfect day. I love to ride. I’ll have to ditch my Birks for some boots next time I head out so I can actually giddyup.

hanging out at the corral

A few things I am particularly thankful for today:
~ Health insurance. I know I’m lucky to have it and I’ve had a pricey medical week (*updated because I made this sound way too dramatic* — for regular check up visits) that would have been outrageous without coverage.
~ Yoga. I’ve been taking more classes to figure out which style is my favorite and in truth, I like them all. Kinda like bagels. And tequila.
~ Trouser jeans. Dressy enough for time at the office Friday, but comfy.
~ Taper weeks. Taking this bit of time to stretch, relax and sleep a bit more is doing my body worlds of good.
~ Annie Lennox. I watched her on Charlie Rose this week and she is stunning, creative and I can’t wait to get her new album.

western saddle

Happy Friday y’all.
~Cowgirl in Training

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21 Responses

  1. I’m with you on many of these:
    – Medical insurance: With a visit to the orthopedic specialist and getting a cast on the boy’s arm.
    – Yoga: Yes, hard to choose a flavor. I’m just discovering NIA dance. Are there studios in your area? Try it!
    – LOVE Annie Lennox. Saw her a couple years back with Sting … and am currently eyeing her CD, which I saw in Starbucks.
    Happy weekend to you too!

  2. I am wearing my trouser jeans today for Casual Friday too!

  3. What happened to you?? Why are you in need of medical attention?? I’m worried!

    Horses are scary.

  4. Amen with the insurance! Wish everyone could have it through their employer or through an insurance company, it’s so important.

    And yoga! I need to get back into that, I love it so much.

    Any recommendations for trouser jeans? I have been longing for a pair.

    Glad you had a fun day at the ranch! šŸ™‚ Sorry to hear that you had a pricey medical week. Have a lovely weekend, you deserve it!

  5. Fabulous pics, and, as always, a post that gives me a great start to my day! =) What magazine(s) do you freelance for? I’d love to go and pick up some of your full articles in print!

  6. I want to live on a ranch..I’ve always wanted to be the fourth Cartwright child on Bonanza, ya know, be the only girl, I think that would be fun. Oh course, that would require the show being REAL..
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Ahhh Arizona! I love Arizona! Get those boots on next time gal! Hope your feeling well and not from training! Have a nice weekend!

  8. thanks for the ranch shots! love the spurs and boots, the horse! and the saddle shots, too. hope you had a great day there.

  9. …and Tequila. ha haha

    Great photos! I hope your health is ok!!

  10. Isn’t Annie Lennox the greatest? In my imaginary world I am frequently a cowgirl.

  11. What a fun research fieldtrip for your article. I love your list of things you’re thankful for, Kelli.

    Happy trails to you!

  12. But the important thing is, did you see any cute cowboys!?! Enquiring minds want to know.

    I hear ya about the insurance coverage. Our isn’t great but it helps. What’s killing me now is lack of dental coverage and middle son is getting braces soon. Ouch! (says my bank account)

  13. mmmmmm, tequila…..and bagels….


  14. Great photos and it looks like it was lovely weather for a day at the Ranch.
    Love your comments about Cowgirl in training. We’ll be back to check on your progress later.

  15. I love the boot shot!! And I love Annie Lennox, too. ;p

  16. Sounds sooooo wonderful!

  17. Love horses!
    Kissing their little noses.. mmmmm
    They smell sooooooo good! šŸ™‚
    Unfortunately, I won’t be riding them anymore.. ;-(

  18. Those are great things to be thankful for!!! We all need reminders to be grateful. Thank you.

    Love the photos. What a different slice of life on those ranches, huh?

  19. So can we expect the blog name to change to TexicanKelli?

  20. I didn’t know you were a fellow yoga fan! I’m into it for 8 years now, and it did wonders for me!

  21. Uau, looks like such good fun!