Home, Sweet Home!

July 7th

It took 44 hours door-to-door, but I am happily back home. Although I’m already an Ambien into my evening, I couldn’t wait to see my photos and have uploaded a couple from Malawi.
Thank you again for all of the wonderful and encouraging comments you’d left about my travels this summer. I am grateful for your support. I plan to post lots of photos to share all the great colors and details.



The Lujeri Tea Estate where I stayed in Mulanji, Malawi.

The Guest House at the Lujeri Tea Estate

The guest house sleeps 8 and costs just $160 per night, including staff.

One of the many cloudy peaks in the Mulanji Range

The estate is surrounded by the Mulanji peaks, many of which are hidden behind clouds and are covered in thick, green luxurious jungle.

Tea bins

The estate sends tea around the world after it is sold weekly at the auctions in Blantyre. These buildings hold tea during the processing.

Hydrangeas as far as the eye can see -- my fave!

The land is lush and the gardens at the estate are fantastic.

Porter for the mountain

There are 10,000 workers who pick the tea and live near the estate. Precious is a picker. He is also a porter for those who want to climb Mount Mulanji.

Two sweet girls on the tea estate

There are 60 births each week at the estate’s 5 health clinics. I have to guess Malawi has one of the highest birth rates in the world. These sweet girls were selling donuts and were very timid to have their photo taken.

African checkers

Boys play an afternoon game of checkers.

African checkers, pieces

African checkers, actually.

Winston works under a gum tree

Winston sat under a gum tree working on his carved chests. The carvers in Malawi are superb. Their craftsmanship is amazing.

Winston, the carver
Some of Winson's carved wares

Some of the many things Winston and other sell to tourists. The rainforest keeps the carvers in supply of many types of wood.

Lunch at Karao'mula Country Lodge

Shrimp and spicy rice with peri peri sauce — the perfect lunch at the Karao’mula Country Lodge in Mulanji.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to hear more about your summer adventures!

  2. So good to see your newest photos. I am way behind in following your travel stories and look forward to catching up. That lunch looks yummy and filling!

  3. Glad your travels were safe. It is great to visit Africa through you.

  4. Welcome home!! What beautiful photos and I’ve so enjoyed seeing these special places and special people through your eyes. Enjoy your Ambien sleep:):)

  5. Stunning. I cannot wait to see more photos. Welcome home. I hope the jetlag and culture shock are not too disorienting.

    I love the chests that Winston is carving.

  6. Welcome home. Hope you have time to rest!

  7. Yeah, pictures! I love how the tea plantations make Malawi look so green and productive. Gotta love those checkers bottlecaps, too. And Malawian artwork is so distinctive compared to others. My sister imported a bunch of those BIG chests to the US, so you see them in several of my siblings’ homes.

    Have a great rest and jetlag recovery!

  8. Welcome home! Did you buy anything from the vendors there? I’d want to buy something from everyone for all their hard work.

  9. Maria Cristina July 7, 2008

    That plate of food looks SO yummy and that woodwork is amazing!

  10. Welcome home Kelli! The photos are wonderful. Can’t wait to see more. πŸ™‚

  11. Welcome home, Kelli!
    Thank you for these beautiful photos!

  12. Welcome back! Those pics just made me hungry for more…..

  13. You’re home!! Welcome back. I’m afraid I was kinda struck dumb by the highs and lows captured in your travel journal, but I’ve been thinking about you (and the things you’ve shared — so much food for thought!) and am so happy that you’ve returned safely. πŸ™‚ Yay!!

  14. Kelli-so glad you are home safely! I am looking forward to hearing more about your travels. The pictures are so beautiful and interesting.

  15. LisaAC July 8, 2008

    What fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting them.

    Have you ever thought about taking your blog, printing it out, and putting it in a ring binder to save? It would be a great thing to have and pass along to family and friends.

    Or, better yet, take the print outs to a printer who will book bind it all for you and give them out as Christmas presents. Great keepsakes.

  16. LisaAC July 8, 2008

    Oh yeah, shutterfly.com has a great option where you can make books as gifts. They look great, got one made from pictures I had. Another thought to keep your wonderful travels journals safe and sharable.

  17. Welcome back! I’ve really been enjoying your photos and writings about your travels.

  18. Great photos. Welcome home!

  19. welcome home. I’ve enjoyed your words on travel and wish you the best in recovering at home…

  20. welcome home girlie!! We missed you πŸ™‚

  21. Welcome home!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  22. Just amazing photos. What a time you must have had!

  23. what lovely photos. I would love to visit that area.

  24. A feast for the eyes!
    Glad you are safely home with memories to share!

  25. Welcome home, Kelli. Please continue to share your pictures and writings with us. At times when I read your blog these past few weeks I wished I could’ve been there to experience all that beauty — and to speak Portuguese, too!