May 15th






Rebecca and Matt are having their first baby any day now and you can feel the excitement in our group. Mini’s three boys and Shay’s sweet girl were met with equal enthusiasm.  I cannot describe how fun it is to be a part of this.  Bec’s been my friend since second grade.  She met her husband on my 21st birthday. Her parents, sisters, neices and nephews are my family too.  And so, I am regularly moved to tears when I see her now, knowing how cherished and fabulous this child will be. Not to mention, the nursery they’ve created would have Crate and Barrel/Martha Stewart folk taking notes. It is beautiful and sweet and perfect.

For the record, I’ve got May 21st, baby girl, 8 pounds, in the baby pool. Matty’s going for baby boy on the 20th. Mini’s birthday is the 18th, so I am pretty sure she’s pulling for a double birthday. Matt and Rebecca are both born on holidays, so they are hoping for May 25th — Memorial Day to complete the trifecta.

I’m off for the annual Finny/Donk adventure this weekend, with our sweet Shelley home from Rome joining in the fun. So, if this little bird could hold off until Tuesday, that would be fantastic. To encourage such continued nesting, in the middle of the night I delivered a flock of Abraham Owls to cheer on the future Mom and Dad.  Bec’s got a thing for owls; I’ve collected them for her in a dozen countries. Now the wee one will have a cadre of her own.



P.S. The Aussie/African roomie may or may not know how to sew buttons better than me; apparently they teach such life skills at boarding school. He wouldn’t let me take a photo, but he was very helpful and deserves credit for the owlies above.

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  1. I said 1/1/09…a la picking $1 in Price is Right.

  2. Cute owls. For the babies room? What an interesting item to collect. (Have a fabulous trip! Tell Ms. Shelley I say hi!)

  3. Those owls are so cute! I hope you have a great weekend (:

  4. I LOVE the owls!! Very clever! Have a wonderful girls weekend!

  5. Sarah h May 15, 2009

    Your roomy has a standing invite to my house!! I am always in need of buttons sewn on clothes!!

  6. I love the endearing hidden talents of men!

  7. These are too adorable!!!!! Really great.