January 18th

chihuly 044

Yep, I’m just inappropriate and immature enough to have walked up to this installation and said a bit too loudly, “Boobies!”

chihuly 047

chihuly 048

Oh, come on. You were thinking it too.


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25 Responses

  1. I would’ve too 🙂

  2. At first I thought of gourds, but now that you mention it…. 🙂

  3. Yep looks like boobies!

  4. Are those Chihuli Boobies?

  5. Yep, boobies alright!

  6. Those are some stretch marks too!

  7. (Snicker) Lordy Kelli. I’m so glad I’m not the only one…LOL.

  8. It’s always nice when our inner child comes out!

  9. I guarantee it’s what my husband would have said too, hehe.

  10. LOL … yep, but I also thought of water balloons and squash. 🙂

  11. It looks like that carnival game where you throw darts at a wall of balloons and try to pop them. I want to throw darts at it!

  12. my first thought was trying to pop them like a balloon. But you’re right, boobies would have been my second thought.

  13. Boobies or melons, it’s all the same…

  14. I agree, boobies they certainly appear to be. What a great laugh, Kelli, thank you!

  15. Indeed I was! I think there were some green ones around there somewhere too that were deemed ‘martian boobs’. Tee hee hee.

  16. Yes, those at the bottom look “very” familiar (sigh).

  17. Boobies! But with pointy nipples! So, slightly scary and menacing boobies!

  18. oh my, you sound like my husband. You have won an award for you blog. Come by mine to pick it up. Thanks

  19. You are hilarious! 🙂 I told J about that. He totally laughed when I showed him my pictures!

  20. I was thinking gords too, but since you mentioned clevage…you are so right. LOL.

  21. All the pieces are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Did you happen to see this (http://www.flickr.com/photos/denverjeffrey/3032497795/) when you were in Denver? Like a stack of floppy boobies – or hot dogs. Whatever. I’ll leave it to your own interpretation.

  23. a girl after my own heart! i’m sure SOMEONE in my family will say the same thing when they go! lol!

  24. Definitely culture there!

  25. The Fluff January 22, 2009

    I don’t see any resemblece.