Call me an optimist, but I’m hoping you’ll each take a second to send this letter to your congressperson about ending the genocide in Darfur. The truth is, together we can make a difference. Does it sound corny? Absolutely. Is it possible? Yes. Without a doubt, history has changed by small groups of dedicated people. We can be that group. As a woman, an American, a Christian, a public health worker — I do not accept what is happening in Darfur. Will you please join me in sending this to your senator?

Dear Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain,
As you know, there are more than 2.5 million people living in refugee camps in the Darfur region of Sudan. These people have been forced into refugee camps after fleeing for their lives during ethnic cleansing. The latest statistics show 65% of Sudanese men have died in this conflict — a conflict our own President has called genocide. The women and children who have survived are often victim of rape and have witnessed the worst of humanity.
I do not accept this situation and I want the United States to act. As my representative, as my voice in Congress, I hope you will today take my concerns (and those of my community) to the floor of the Senate and ask for action.
There is absolutely no excuse for us allowing 2.5 million people to die in refugee camps. And they will die. Infectious disease, attacks from the Janjaweed militias and exposure are frequent causes of death in these camps. To put this in perspective, there are an estimated 2.5 million people who live in Phoenix. Something must be done today.
You are my voice within the most powerful government in the world. There is simply no excuse for our inaction. Let’s right this wrong as quickly as possible and help those most in need — our brothers and sisters in Sudan.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I love that you are taking action and inspiring others in the blog community to take action on this crucial issue! It is so easy to hear about these things on the news and feel terrible about it but dismiss it as something that is out of our hands. I’ll send the letter for sure – thanks for putting this out there!

  2. I am proud to send this. Well written. And I wholeheartedly believe small groups of people who are passionate about a cause can make all the difference in the world!

  3. Very well written! Thank you for taking the time to compose a letter for us to send. I’ve already sent my two letters off. You are wonderful.

    I’ll pass the word along…

  4. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us. The situation in Darfur has been weighing on me as well, so your last two posts really hit home. Thanks for doing something about it and inspiring others to as well!

  5. After reading your last two blogs, I decided to do a little research on Darfur and Sudan. To my shame, I hadn’t fully realized the scope of devestation and horror going on there. Thanks for encouraging me to open my eyes and providing a link so that I can use my voice and hopefully begin to make a difference. In my research, I found one of my senators scores a grade of “F” in even caring about this. He’s on my list to pester now. Thanks again, Kelli!

  6. I’m sad I live out of the States and my letter won’t be sent! But I’m with you all in spirit. If you don’t mind, I’ll paste and copy your letter on my blog, just to be sure more people around the globe get inspiration from it, and maybe do more than just complain, me in the first place! Thank you.

  7. A beautifully written letter, and thank you for the links to the senators’ contact info.

    Just finished filling out their respective webforms….

  8. My senators and represtantive are idiots, but I e-mailed them this letter anyway. My representative is (hopefully) about to lose his seat. So if he does, I’ll e-mail this to my new rep as well. Thanks, Kelli!

    “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa

  9. Kelli – You make a wonderfully impassioned plea. WIth the mud-slinging going in MA politics these days, I am happy to learn more about a cause worthy of our attention. My letters are sent. Interestingly, one of my senators had “GENOCIDE in Darfur” pre-selected as an issue option when you sent your e-mail and the other did not. I am sorry I missed the 60 Minutes program. I echo everyone else’s thank yous for your hard work and information!

  10. A little late but I too sent my letter in. Thanks for the reminder. It is so easy sometimes to forget about the rest of the world. I don’t watch any news and sometimes if the children are not in the car I will turn on NPR. I kind of get lost in my small community. I appreciate this post.

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