Hopping into Technology

June 4th

Hippity Hop to Present Technology

Goodbye Rabbit Ears

This man has talked me into cable and internet at home. I must say, the internet so far is pretty awesome, as are the cooking channels and my new-found access to Whale Wars.

The golf channel

Internet? On the COUCH?

He did a victory lap after the cable man left, sitting promptly in front of the tv with the golf station whispering away.   It was almost like my home was protesting the change. The poor cable man had to drill nearly a dozen holes in a variety of external in internal walls before he could finally get things straight. The price is minimal when split, but I’m truly hoping this doesn’t change my way of life. More reading, less tv is going to be significantly harder now that Paula Dean is in my living room.

Then again, with this new entertainment and the ability to immediately post photos, I was submerged in creativity, completing a handful of projects:

To be decked

Winner t-shirts



Beep beep

Those T-shirts for the commenting winners

Baby Owen Quilt, bound

Baby Owen Quilt, back

Baby Owen Quilt

The quilt for baby Owen, including hand stitching the binding. Wrapped, delivered and received with happiness. That sweet boy will be here soon!

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

And a new bag with bamboo handles. Last week, when having lunch at a nice restaurant downtown meeting new donors*, I saw a woman come in with a simple floral bag with bamboo handles. The bag looked so nice and classic. I knew I could recreate it; $6 and one hour later, I have a thank you gift for the weekend’s fundraising caterer. I’m looking forward to purchasing more bamboo to make a series of summer bags in this fashion.


*During this meeting (with a Senator and his lovely wife, no less) I managed, in a move only I could muster, to step just right when leaving the restroom and catch my sandal. It snapped, leaving me with one shoe 2 minutes before the lunch started. Nothing says, “Welcome Senator! Now, please consider giving us money!” like the blushing, barefoot girl.  Help me Rhonda, I hope they were looking at my smile and not at my sole.

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23 Responses

  1. Well, if you completed all those projects right after getting cable installed, you’re dealing with the distraction very well.

    We only got cable (we actually have DirecTV) about 2 years ago and I did go through a period of addiction to HGTV, primarily. I do still like it but most nights the TV never goes on at all. But wireless internet is awesome, I’d have a hard time relinquishing that.

    Cute bag!

  2. When we first got the satelite tv I watched it for about a week straight. Now I just turn it on for backround noise when the kids aren’t here.

  3. The bag is absolutely fabulous, I’m sure the receiver will be thrilled.

  4. Yes, tv can be addicting sometimes, but it looks like you’ve been really productive. I wish that I could watch TV while I was sewing so that I would feel less guilty about watching the tv!

  5. you just have to take the awesome with a pill of moderation. who am i kidding. i love havin the internet at home and couldn’t do without it!

  6. I love that baby quilt!

  7. Yeah… internet at home is non-negotiable for me, it’s a must-have. The baby quilt looks fantastic.

  8. Love that bag and your projects! Looove that Food channel. Yay internet!

  9. If you just got cable I know that you would love Man Vs. Wild. http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/manvswild/manvswild.html You should check it out as it will appeal to your sense of adventure and your female heart will no doubt take notice of Bear Grylls. 🙂

  10. My hubby watches TV like I read. It’s always on. Thankfully in our house, he has his “man-cave” and the living room is my technology-free sanctuary. That said, I love wireless internet!!

    I laughed at your shoe fiasco, because I can totally relate to it. Grace is more than sure footing. 🙂

  11. The bag turned out great! You whip up things so fast these days! 🙂 (So, you’ll have to post pics of the new TV and ottaman when you get them too!)

  12. My mom just realized 2 of our tvs won’t work in a few days and applied for coupons to fix the problem. I was just like, “Why we only watch that TV anyway?” Oh well it’s not coming out of my bank account anyway.

  13. I’m sure your handling of the sandal incident said “grace under pressure” 🙂

    The new bag is darling – I’ve picked up assorted handles for knit bags that have never materialized…hmm, if I ever get doing on Mom’s sewing machine I should do this instead.

  14. Holy cow!!! You’ve been a bloggin’ fool! Love all the new posts in the past week!!! Enjoy the internet and TV. Now you can watch Tori & Dean with me (please don’t hate me…he he he)!!!

  15. Whale Wars is worth it on its own…Besides you can read while that insufferable Giada De Laurentiis is on….ugh.

  16. My goodness, Kelli, digital connections, completed craft projects, and a wonderful new sewing machine. Life is grand at your house and I’m tickled for you.

  17. There’s a lot of good stuff in this post. 🙂
    And I linked to you yesterday.
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  18. Beautiful job on all your gorgeous projects AmazingGirl! LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

  19. Heavens to Besty next Matty will want a new flat screen tv, we’re going to have to keep an eye on that boy!! He could definitely corrupt a woman or two. LOL I LOVE< LOVE the quilt! Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Love the bamboo bag and love the quilt and think that you probably handled yourself with incredible grace even though you were barefoot! Enjoy the cooking shows! 🙂

  21. I am so impressed with all of your craftiness this week! The quilt turned out amazing!

  22. Shoeless you? You can totally pull that off! My suggestion is to keep a snappy pair of flip flops, you naturally decorated yourself, in your bag. Then it’ll never happen again!

    I JUST bought some of that same pink fabric with the VW Van. I love it!

  23. Whale Wars is crazy. I can’t believe they are always surprised when the shippers retaliate. I love their mission, but still, if you board another ship (uninvited, similar to pirates) expect to be tossed overboard. Not that I’m promoting TV, but check out Survivorman if you have a chance…that dud’s crazy, but you learn a lot about survival.

    On another note, nce job with the craftiness!