Hostess Gift

November 16th

Hostess gift: embellished cloth napkins

News flash: I over-think. When I found out I’d be spending the Thanksgiving holiday in family’s home I hadn’t yet met, I got a little sweaty.

What do I wear? 

What do I bring? 

What do I do?

Wearing: jeans, boots, chunky turquoise jewelry, jackets and loud scarves. And a genuine smile.

Bringing: a hostess basket including embellished napkins.

Doing: Nothing. Knitting. Taking photos. Sleeping in. What am I thankful for this year? That I’m not responsible for anything. Not the driving. Not the planning. Not even making reservations. It is going to be a much needed break.

Back to those napkins. Being budget conscious, I wanted to make the hosts something without going too far down Regretsy Lane. As such, I bought a package of cloth napkins from my favorite French boutique, some fabric paint for a stamp, and some pretty poppy ribbon. A few hours later — voila:

Hostess gift: embellished cloth napkins

Hostess gift: embellished cloth napkins

Hostess gift: embellished cloth napkins

Monogrammed cloth napkins ready for a big meal. I think this Christmas’ theme may be “the monogram.”  Fully aware I might be a little crazy, but at least I translate that mania into thoughtful, if not always well-crafted, gifts.


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7 Responses

  1. Awesome idea. I may have to be stealing this…

  2. Julia Ferre November 18, 2012

    I think this are really fabulous. Great job!

  3. These look great!

  4. I make cloth napkins for wedding gifts. 🙂
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. Those are fabulous! Think I’m heading down a similar road, with embellished tea towels.

  6. THAT is a fantastic gift. One I’d be proud to give, receive and with which to wipe The Best Sauce Ever. Yep. off my mouth.

    Nice going, best house guest ever. Yep.

  7. Love this. Really nice.