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January 6th

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I saw a tweet earlier this week that Skateland Mesa was having “free skating night” yesterday. On a whim, I sent an email to a bunch of friends to see if anyone would be interested in returning to one of our childhood haunts. Indeed, several took the bait.

roller 004

Imagine a covered wagon mosying along during a NASCAR event and you’d have a good idea of what I looked like among the throng of far too talented skaters. There were 3-year-olds and 60-year-olds with custom wheels and attitudes to match. I am pretty sure there were even a couple former professional ice skaters in the mix. These men would occasionally skate up to our group of three, trembling and giggling girls, to wow us with  salchows and dips. I wanted to scream, “TOE PICK!” but no one would have heard me over the thumping Lady GaGa.

It was a ridiculous amount of fun. When I finally pulled off those weighty beasts above, my toes ached as much as my cheeks from smiling. For the record, however, Skateland still smells exactly as it did 20 years ago — like popcorn, Red Vines, sweat, embarrassment and grime.


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  1. Haha…when we were doing youth ministry we used to do skate nights and it would always crack me up to see some people my age who obviously went pretty often and liked to show off their skills. I was always so awkward out there. And yes, that smell….so crazy how it seriously does not change.

  2. Too fun. I took our brownie troop roller skating this fall. I’m trying to find a free saturday afternoon to go back.

  3. Wow, I haven’t been to a skating rink in ages… and I wasn’t very good at it when I did go as I kid. I can only imagine the awkwardness that I would exude now. Did you “couples skate” with anyone under the disco ball and/or black light?

  4. So funny Kelli! I went with some friends and our kids on Sunday afternoon in Glendale! I loved it! OMG, the rink smelled exactly as icky as I assume it did 20 years ago.

    I started out shaky but got my “sea” legs back after about an hour and felt like I was 12 again. I was much more sore than I remember from years ago but we are DEFINITELY going back in the not so distant future.

    I am even toying with buying myself roller blades to use around my neighborhood. I would still rent the skates at the rink when I go because I think they work much better in a rink setting.

  5. I likened the smell more to dirty mop water

  6. Aw, roller skating rinks bring back some good junior high memories!

  7. I totally miss skating!

  8. It’s nice to know some things never change……….

  9. wow…that does bring back some fond memories. I don’t think I have been since like 6th grade though. lol.

  10. We did that for my birthday last year and it was the BEST time ever!!!!

  11. Ahhhhh, memories. Reading this post took me right back to my 9, 10, 11 year-old birthday parties. The late 80’s…