October 31st

Halloweenies 2012

Dear Friends,

You may know I was adopted by this crazy tall woman about a year ago. It was a pretty good day. I was tired of hanging out with all those ruffians and defending myself at the “humane society.” (We don’t want to be treated humanely. Treat me caninely. More treats. Fewer clothes. But that’s getting ahead of myself.)

I may only be 32 pounds, but the word terrier is just the dog version of terrorist. I can be, let’s just say, a bit impatient when a larger dog tries to make me his boyfriend. So, when I saw Tall Lady peeking into our kennel, with one bat of my eyelashes I knew she was a gonner.

Charm. I gots it.

Halloweenies 2012

Coming home to Tall Lady was cushy. She kept me in the kennel at night for three days; today, you’ll find her clutching the edge of her bed. I’m comfy on the other two-thirds. There are treats, walks, a nice backyard and she doesn’t mind that I can’t go 10 minutes without touching her.

What? Don’t be so judgmental. I can be tough and needy.

In turn, I’m a good guard. Postman? Squirrels? The Siberian huskies next door? Leaves? Sometimes even my shadow? Yeah. They know my bark and they know it well. This is my house. That is my street. I’d really prefer if the other dog owners of the neighborhood would ask before just casually strolling by. (Rude!) And they let their mutts pee on MY bushes. (Ruder!)

I drink extra water those days.

Halloweenies 2012

But people, someone has to talk to her. This is getting out of control. I am not a doll. I am not some drag dog who wants to be dressed up in tiny hats for the rest of my life. I AM NOT A VILLAGE PERSON.  I have a reputation to maintain! I am a survivor of the pound! I am a guard dog!

I am not a damn cowboy!

Mamas, don’t let your doggies grow up to be cowboys.

Send help. Bring treats.

-Willie Nelson Mandela.




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8 Responses

  1. Nelson you are the BEST! Tall Lady and you were meant to be together! I know you are a guard dog but you are so stylish! 🙂

  2. Nelson, I’m pretty sure you are not at all that annoyed… deeply down inside, you KNOW that’s because Tall Lady really really loves you, right?

  3. Oh Nelson, I sympathize with your plight but you look SO DARN ADORABLE in that hat, I have to side with Tall Lady. 😉

  4. Big Mama October 31, 2012

    Dear grandoggie;
    Tall Lady, my daughter, needs help. Just bear with her, she’ll eventually grow out of this “phase”. In the meantime, you look so adorable! We are all
    enjoying the heck out of the pictures. Hang in there, it’ll get better.
    Big Mama

  5. Not a Village Person — bwa ha ha ha!

  6. Dude, you rock! Did she make you some treats for Halloween?

  7. Haha! Chaco looks PISSED.
    Payback for all that Jemima humping he does. 😉

  8. Michelle October 31, 2012

    Love the Nelson letters. Also love dogs wearing hats.