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March 1st


Okay LOST fans, tell me last night’s episode wasn’t the best ever? BEST EVER! Loved it. I love Sawyer as the playful, fun guy. I love the English lessons he taught Jin. I love Hurley.
And what Cheech said is so true: you totally make your own luck.

What did you think?

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  1. I loved the moment when Hurley popped the clutch and the 8 track started playing. Good stuff.
    Speaking of good stuff, that picture of Sawyer is pretty yummy.

  2. I think that I am more in love with Josh Holloway than ever! LOL!

  3. I liked it too – I liked Sawyer acting unlike his usual self. Although I already loved him.

  4. believe it or not, i’ve never watched the show.

  5. Oh no, I fell asleep and husband won’t tell me what happened. I think I was too eager to get to dreamland and dream of Sawyer!

  6. Wow! I feel so out of it over here in France!

  7. Sawyer is hot! ‘Nuff said πŸ˜€

  8. I TiVoed it…so don’t ruin too much for me! But I, too, already looooved Sawyer (actually pretty much all the guys are hot….). Can’t wait to watch it!!

  9. I LOVE lost but we watch it on DVD so I have’nt seen any of Season 3 … But I will say that Sawyer is my LEAST favorite character so far. We both love Hurley though. And my husband makes fun of me because I’ve got a little crush on Said. πŸ™‚

  10. Sawyer is getting better and better… but I think I will always heart Jack more. Its the good boy vs bad boy thing.

    Great episode. Glad we got to learn more about Hurley… and that they got to have a little fun! But seriously, how did the van still have air in the tires?

  11. I was desperately trying to hide my Sawyer-drooling from my husband! That show is full of man eye candy!

  12. don’t watch the show, but love the name! (but you know that anyway!!!)

  13. I’ve come to really appreciate these ‘placeholder’ episodes — where nothing really significant happens plot-wise, but we get to know the characters better.

    I think I’m going to start watching again from the beginning (on DVD) to see what I missed. (Probably A LOT.) Have you been to the filmfodder blog yet?

  14. Rebecca March 2, 2007

    I love this show! I watch it and love every minute. Good Hurley episode, but I am more excited to see where the Others live.

  15. i didn’t watch wednesdays!! It’s safely tucked away in Tivo until Chris and I can watch it together.. but I love love love love Sawyer! Seriously..I think I might have a huge CRUSH on him!!

  16. IT was an exceptionally good one… (Unless you happened to be Tricia Tanaka!)

    I’m glad that LOST has picked up momentum again – I was not loving the little 6 episode mini-season that they kicked off with…

    I love both Hurley and Sawyer (and the latter is a Georgia boy, you know!)

  17. teresa March 3, 2007

    I love the characters on that show. LOVE THEM. And the way the writers dole out the characters pasts a little at a time is addicting. I think I have a crush on 3 guys on that show. I can’t wait for next weeks show!