August 20th

My friend Hugo’s birthday was last week; he rides his bike to work and just about everywhere in Phoenix — even in August. In a tie. Because apparently he has super powers.

When I saw him at Christmas, he mentioned someone had stolen the panniers off of his ride a few weeks back. It took longer than expected, but I whipped up my pattern from this book:



to make a new set of panniers for mi amigo. 





Goofy, a bit of African fabric, and totally homemade — but hey. At least now he’s got a bit of help on his ride. (And it was only mildly fulfilling to successfully craft a gift for a man. Other than beanies, and sometimes even beanies, most gifts are well-intentioned flops.)


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  1. Well done! You’re right, it is SO hard to find good craft gifts to make for guys. Luckily my husband likes knitted hats. =)

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a lucky man! That is such a thoughtful gift 🙂

  4. Nice! I love the tea towel in the magazine picture!

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